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Call for Paper for ICBME 2019

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ICBME 2019 invites the scientific community to submit their papers for consideration in the final program. Authors are advised to go through the paper submission guidelines by clicking here. Use the theme and session/tracks in order to get confined to conference focus as well as to address the topic most suitable to them. However, the scientific committee reserves the final right to place papers in a given session / track.

The tracks with their sub-areas, which form the scientific sessions are the following:

T.1 Global Health and Evidence-based Medicine

T1.1 Evidence-based Medical Practice and Health Technology
T1.2 Innovations in Medical Practice and Healthcare
T1.3 Reproductive Technologies, Cloning, Designer Babies
T1.4 Inequality in Clinical Testing and Healthcare Provision
T1.5 Breast Cancer Screening
T1.6 Social Determinants of Health
T1.7 Epidemiological Studies
T1.8 Global Health Systems and the WHO
T1.9 Research and Issues on Osteoporosis

T.2 Medical Imaging and Devices

T2.1 X-ray Imaging/ Mammography
T2.2 Digital Tomosynthesis
T2.3 Computed Tomography
T2.4 Magnetic Resonance Imaging & Spectroscopy
T2.5 Ultrasound Imaging and Optical Coherence Tomography
T2.6 Molecular Imaging (SPECT and PET and Optical)
T2.7 Optical Imaging and Microscopy
T2.8 X-ray Phase Contrast Imaging
T2.9 Imaging Detector Technology
T2.10 Digital Phantoms and Monte Carlo Methods
T2.11 Quantitative Imaging for Diagnosis and Treatment
T2.12 Image Processing, Display and Visualization
T2.13 Pathology Imaging
T2.14 Computer Aided Diagnosis
T2.15 Imaging (Other)
T2.16 Workflow, Patient Specific Modelling
T2.17 Diagnostic Devices and Instrumentation, General
T2.18 External/Internal/Implanted Therapeutic Devices, General
T2.19 Catheter, Laser and Ultrasound Interventions
T2.20 Medical Device Design and Standards
T2.21 Device integration and interoperability
T2.22 Development/deployment in resource-poor nations
T2.23 Point of Care Devices and Systems
T2.24 Other

T.3 Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering, Regenerative Medicine

T3.1 Biomaterials for Cell and Organ Therapies
T3.2 Artificial Skin, Bones, Joints, Teeth and Related Biomaterials
T3.3 Biofilm-Material Interactions
T3.4 Nanotechnology in Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering
T3.5 Current Advances in Stem Cell Biology
T3.6 Models of Regeneration
T3.7 Molecular Mechanisms of Regeneration
T3.8 Scaffolds in Tissue Engineering
T3.9 Bioreactors in Tissue Engineering
T3.10 Functional Tissue Engineering
T3.11 Organ Printing and Regenerative Medicine
T3.12 Neural Interfaces and Regeneration
T3.13 Brain Computer/Machine Interfaces
T3.14 NeuroProstheses
T3.15 Deep Brain Stimulation
T3.16 Motor Learning and Neural Control
T3.17 Brain Physiology and Modelling
T3.18 Neural Signal Processing
T3.19 Functional Neuroimaging and Neuronavigation
T3.20 Neurological Disorders
T3.21 Transcranial Magnetic and Electric Stimulation
T3.22 Epilepsy Monitoring
T3.23 Blood Brain Barrier & Pharmacokinetics
T3.24 Collaborative Databases in Brain Research
T3.25 Other

T.4 Biomechanics, Artificial Organs and Rehabilitation Engineering

T4.1 Cardiovascular Biomaterials, Artificial Heart and Cardiac Assist Devices
T4.2 Orthopaedic Biomechanics
T4.3 Cardiovascular Fluid Mechanics
T4.4 Dental Mechanics
T4.5 Molecular, Cellular and Tissue Mechanics
T4.6 Mechanobiology and Human Movement Biomechanics
T4.7 Implants, Prosthetics and Artificial Organs
T4.8 Translational Medicine in Rehabilitation
T4.9 Rehabilitation Engineering
T4.10 Sports Medicine
T4.11 Rehabilitation Robotics
T4.11 Other

T.5 Computer-Aided Techniques, Modeling and Simulation

T5.1 Image-Guided Devices and Systems
T5.2 Virtual Reality in Medicine
T5.3 Soft Tissue and Vessel Based Navigation
T5.4 Endoscopy and Endoscopic Interventions
T5.5 Robots and Manipulators in Therapy
T5.6 Minimal Invasive Surgery and Instruments
T5.7 Modelling and Simulation (General and Special)
T5.8 Transport and Physiological Modelling
T5.9 Computational Biology
T5.10 Radiobiological Modelling
T5.11 Other

T.6 Biosensors and Biosignal Processing

T6.1 Biosensors and Nanobiosensors
T6.2 Nanoparticles/Nanotheranostics
T6.3 Lab-on-chip/Biochips
T6.4 Hydrogels for BioMEMS and NEMS, BioMEMS-based 3D Scaffold Fabrication
T6.5 Nanotoxicology Characterization, Dosing and Health Effects
T6.6 Drug Delivery and Control Release
T6.7 Body Sensor Networks
T6.8 Bio-signal Processing and Physiological Modelling
T6.9 Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Biomedical Signals
T6.10 Signal Pattern Classification
T6.11 Adaptive and Parametric Filtering
T6.12 Time-frequency Analysis
T6.13 Connectivity and Causality
T6.14 Blind Source Separation
T6.15 Bio-magnetism
T6.16 ECG
T6.17 Magnetoencephalography (MEG)
T6.18 Other

T.7 Biomedical and Health Information Technologies

T7.1 Pattern Classification, Data Mining and Analysis, Machine Learning
T7.2 Knowledge Translation and Sharing
T7.3 Decision-support Tools in Healthcare
T7.4 Electronic Patient, Medical, or Health Records
T7.5 Global Health Data Acquisition, Management and Visualization
T7.6 Data Models and Representation
T7.7 Information Quality, Privacy, Security, and Ethics
T7.8 Intelligent Data Analysis
T7.9 Public Health and Informatics
T7.10 Sensing Systems in Disaster Medicine and Pandemic Diseases
T7.11 Medical Informatics and Health Information Systems
T7.12 Healthcare Communication Networks and Environments
T7.13 Interactions with Health Information Technologies
T7.12 Healthcare Modelling and Simulation
T7.13 National and International Health IT Efforts and Implementation
T7.14 Engineering and Physics Issues with Clinical Trials
T7.15 Cybersecurity, Telemedicine, Distant monitoring, Tele-homecare, and Domotics
T7.16 Healthcare IT Standards: PACS, DICOM, IHE, HL7, etc.
T7.17 Imaging Informatics/Radiomics
T7.18 Proteomics and Genome Projects and Annotation
T7.19 Sequence Analysis
T7.20 Computational Evolutionary Biology
T7.21 Analysis of Gene Expression and Genetic Algorithms
T7.22 Comparative Genomics
T7.23 Network and Systems Biology
T7.24 Patient Decision-support Systems
T7.25 Other

T.8 Clinical Engineering, Indigenous Technology and Patient Safety

T8.1 Technology Management Programs
T8.2 Usability and Human Factors Engineering for Medical Device and System Design
T8.3 Patient Safety, Medical Errors and Adverse Events Prevention related to Health Technologies
T8.4 Health Technology Assessment and Economics
T8.5 Cost Effective Technologies for Developing Countries
T8.6 Biomedical Engineering in Space, Space Physiology and Biology
T8.7 Telemedicine in Developing Countries
T8.8 Productivity and Benchmarking
T8.9 Equipment Management Systems
T8.10 International Standards (e.g. IEC)
T8.11 Management of Surgical Instruments
T8.12 Intellectual Property and Patents T8.13 Technology Transfer and Commercialization of Research Results T8.14 National Policy on (Indigenous) Technology T8.15 Clinical Process Analysis and Optimization
T8.16 Incident Analysis and Management
T8.17 Clinical Engineering Certification and Education
T8.18 Disaster Preparedness
T8.19 Other

T.9 Education, Professional Activities and Gender Issues in Biomedical Engineering

T9.1 Educational and Training in Medical Physics
T9.2 Education and Training in Biomedical and Clinical Engineering
T9.3 Mentorship Programs
T9.4 Accreditation, Certification and Licensure Issues
T9.5 Regional/Geographical Educational and Professional Issues and Experiences
T9.6 Career Development – Applying for an Academic or Hospital Positions
T9.7 Medical Physics in Developing Countries
T9.8 Technology Enhanced Education
T9.9 Radiation Protection Education and Training of Health Professionals
T9.10 Interactions between Gender and Technology Development
T9.11 Gendered Innovations
T9.12 Biographies of Women in Science or Engineering
T9.13 Women’s Training Initiatives
T9.14 Archives of Women’s Contributions
T9.15 Gender Issues in Science and Engineering
T9.16 Personal Experiences and Stories of Women in Biomedical Engineering & Biomedical Sciences
T9.17 Other.

T.10 Bio-Medical Physics, Allied Sciences, Engineering and Technology

T10.1 Bio-Physics
T10.2 Medical Physics
T10.3 Biomedical Sciences
T10.4 Biomedical engineering
T10.5 Biomedical technology
T10.6 Innovcations in Bio-Medical Physics, Allied Sciences, Engineering and Technology
T10.8 Other.



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