Former BBNaija “All-Star” Housemates Season 8 & Names 2023 [Big Brother Naija TV Show]

Former BBNaija “All-Star” Housemates Season 8 & Names 2023 [Big Brother Naija TV Show]

Former BBNaija “All-Star” Housemates Season 8 & Names 2023: BBNaija 2023, also known as Big Brother Naija Season 8, is highly anticipated by fans across Nigeria. As the countdown begins, many people are eager to know when BBNaija 2023 will start. However, based on the previous seasons, BBNaija typically begins in the month of July, so fans can expect the new season to kick off around that time.

The upcoming season of BBNaija promises to bring a fresh wave of entertainment, drama, and excitement to our television screens. With the theme “Shina Ya Eye,” the show is expected to showcase a diverse group of male and female housemates who will captivate viewers with their unique personalities and stories.

As we eagerly await the official start date, let’s take a sneak peek at what we can expect from the housemates of BBNaija Season 8. From their names and images to their profiles and biographies, we will get to know each contestant in detail once the show commences.

To be a part of BBNaija Season 8, potential housemates must meet certain requirements. These requirements may include being a Nigerian citizen, being at least 21 years old, possessing a valid international passport, and being mentally and physically fit to withstand the challenges of the show.

In addition to the main show, fans can also look forward to the BBNaija Reunion, where former housemates come together to reminisce about their experiences and discuss any unresolved issues

It’s important to stay updated with the latest news about BBNaija Season 8. Various media outlets and official BBNaija social media platforms provide regular updates on the show, including housemate reveals, twists, and other interesting developments. By staying tuned to these sources, fans can ensure they don’t miss out on any important updates or breaking news.

On the official premiere day of July 24th and 25th, 2023, housemates will be introduced live on DSTV Channel 198 and GoTV by BBNaija host Ebuka Uchendu.

So, are you ready to meet your BBNaija 2022 male and female housemates? Stay closely because it’s about to be revealed.

BBNaija Season 8 Housemates Names 2023

Housemates Names Occupation Housemates Names Occupation
Boma Footballer Yousef Model
Saga Engineer Pere Real Estate
White Money Businessman Yerins Medical Doctor
Niyi Entertainer JayPaul Singer
Emmanuel Model Sammie Filmmaker
Cross Entertainer Peace Ogo
Angel B Jackie B
Tega Arin Fashion Designer
Liquorose Dancer Beatrice Model
Saskay Princess

BBNaija 2023 Housemates Voting Website

Twenty housemates will compete in this year’s BBNaija 2023 reality TV show, all vying for the coveted top prize of N90 million. With such a substantial reward at stake, the competition is expected to be intense and thrilling.

As anticipation builds, fans of the show are eagerly speculating on who will emerge as the winner of this year’s BBNaija. In previous years, the competition showcased remarkable talent, determination, and strategic gameplay, making it a must-watch event for fans across the nation.

The BBNaija reality TV show has become a cultural phenomenon, capturing the attention of millions of viewers and dominating social media conversations. It offers contestants a platform to showcase their personalities, skills, and abilities, while also providing entertainment and drama for the audience.

Throughout the season, the housemates will face various challenges, tasks, and evictions, all designed to test their resilience, adaptability, and ability to form alliances. As the weeks progress, the tension will mount, and the true contenders for the top prize will begin to emerge.

While it is impossible to predict with certainty who will be crowned the winner of this year’s BBNaija, viewers can expect a rollercoaster of emotions, unexpected twists, and unforgettable moments. The show’s format ensures that only the most deserving and strategic housemates will claim the grand prize of N90 million.

As the countdown begins, fans and viewers alike will be eagerly awaiting the start of BBNaija 2023, eager to see who will rise above the rest and become this year’s ultimate champion. With the promise of an epic reality TV show, BBNaija 2023 is certain to captivate audiences and keep them on the edge of their seats until the winner is finally revealed.

Furthermore, BBNaija 2023 voting will take place on the DSTV website, which means you will be able to vote for your favorite housemates on the website. For additional information on voting methods, go to the DSTV official website.

These names will be updated as soon as the entire list of BBNaija 2022 season 8 housemates is released, so stay tuned, and we will keep you informed. We will also teach you how to watch the show on your mobile device.


BBNaija 2023 Season 8 is set to bring a new wave of excitement to our screens. Fans can expect a diverse group of male and female housemates, each with their own unique stories and personalities.

While waiting for the show to begin, fans can anticipate the BBNaija Reunion, where former housemates come together to reminisce and discuss their experiences. To stay updated, it is important to follow the official BBNaija social media platforms and other credible sources for the latest news and updates.