Civil Defence Exam Result 2023/2024 NSCDC Aptitude Test Result

Civil Defence Exam Result 2023/2024 NSCDC Aptitude Test Result

Civil Defence Aptitude Test Result Checker 2023 | Civil Defence Exam Result 2023 NSCDC Aptitude Test Result: Check out information about NSCDC replacement list 2023

Here you may get the Civil Defence Exam Result 2023 — NSCDC Exam Result 2023 – Civil Defence Aptitude Test Result. Is the NSCDC Computer-Based Test Score Available?

Check the results of the NSCDC screening/aptitude test. Are you one of the candidates who took the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps recruitment screening test recently and want to know how to verify your results?

This website has everything you need to know about the 2020 NSCDC results.

Civil Defence Exam Result Checker 2023

Results Announcement for Nigerian Securities and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) Job Application

We have received numerous inquiries regarding the announcement of the results of the Nigerian Securities and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) job application. We are pleased to inform you that the results have indeed been announced.

Out of the massive pool of over 1.4 million applicants, the NSCDC has shortlisted a total of 6,500 individuals for the job. This is an exciting opportunity for those who have made it to the shortlist.

To access the list of shortlisted candidates, please visit the CDFIPB Careers website at The list can be found on the website, providing the names of the candidates who have successfully progressed to the next stage of the selection process.

For those who have been shortlisted, there is an important requirement that must be fulfilled. It is mandatory for all shortlisted candidates to attend a final screening process, which will take place between August 2nd and August 25th, 2021. This screening is a crucial step in the selection process and cannot be overlooked.

We kindly request all shortlisted candidates to ensure their availability during the specified screening period.

How to Check NSCDC Shortlist 2023

The process of reviewing the NSCDC shortlist is crucial for candidates who have applied for a position. It is important to understand that checking the shortlist is the same as checking the results. If a candidate’s name appears on the list, it signifies that they have been selected for the position.


  • Visit for more information.

  • “Check applications by application number” should be selected.

  • Please enter your application number.

  • “Search for applications” is selected.

 It is essential to complete the required processes and await the system’s response, which will confirm whether a candidate has been shortlisted or not.