FRSC Shortlisted Candidates 2023 Download FRSC Shortlist PDF for Recruitment Exercise

FRSC Shortlisted Candidates 2023 Download FRSC Shortlist PDF for Recruitment Exercise

FRSC Shortlisted Candidates 2023 – If you have been waiting for the 2023 FRSC Shortlisted Candidates PDF List to be released, your patience has paid off. You have taken the first step on your journey toward becoming a Federal Road Safety Commission official.

The next step involves assessing whether you have made it onto the list of shortlisted candidates. To find out, simply scroll through the list below and check if your name is present.

It’s time to take a deep breath it could be a good one or a bad one and find out if your dream of becoming an FRSC Officer is about to become reality or stay just that; a dream.

Good luck! Check out the full FRSC Recruitment Shortlist 2023 and get ready to start planning your future career now.

FRSC Shortlisted Candidates for Screening

Are you looking to learn if you have been shortlisted for the FRSC recruitment exercise? Look no further. Here is the full list of shortlisted candidates for screening.

The list contains the names of successful applicants who are expected to attend the screening exercise starting from [date]. The list also provides the date and venue for the screening interview for each applicant.

All applicants listed on the shortlist must ensure that they bring the following items with them on the day of the screening interview:

  • Original and photocopies of their credentials

  • Two passport photographs

  • Writing materials (HB pencil, eraser, etc.)

  • Other relevant documents as requested.

It is highly important that applicants adhere to these instructions and appear at their assigned centers, as no further information or assistance can be provided after this notice.

FRSC List of Shortlisted Candidates for the Aptitude Test

Congratulations, if you applied for the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) recruitment exercise, and your name is on the official shortlisted candidate list, you can proceed to the next stage of the recruitment exercise.

The FRSC List of Shortlisted Candidates for Aptitude Test includes applicants who have successfully passed the initial screening stages and have been found eligible to participate in the aptitude test.

All shortlisted candidates are expected to appear at this crucial stage of the selection process. The FRSC recruitment aptitude test will measure each candidate’s intellectual capacity and their ability to appropriately apply knowledge when faced with scenarios related to highway safety.

It is important to note that the Federal Road Safety Commission only publishes its list of successful candidates on its official website or other verified media outlets such as newspapers or radio. Candidates should refute any information from unauthorized sources claiming otherwise.

The official list contains names, gender, state of origin, and local government area for each selected candidate.

FRSC Shortlisted Candidates for Medical Screening

Are you a shortlisted candidate for the 2020 FRSC recruitment exercise? Congratulations. You are one step closer to your dream job. The next step is for all shortlisted candidates to go through a medical screening process before final selection.

It is important to understand the roles and responsibilities of an FRSC recruit so that you can pass the medical screening process. Federal Road Safety Commission workers must be physically and medically fit in order to fulfill their duties, which include protecting citizens on the roads, completing safety checks, educating drivers about road safety, and enforcing traffic regulations.

Medical Screening Process

In order to determine if you are medically fit for FRSC duties, all shortlisted candidates are required to visit a medical facility for a physical examination. This examination will include:

  • Blood pressure check

  • Physical examination of the eyes and ears

  • Body temperature readings

  • Breathing rate assessment

  • Urine/stool sample analysis

  • Blood sample test

Once your results have been approved by the FRSC Board of Directors, your name will be added to the list of successful candidates.

FRSC Final List of Shortlisted Candidates

The Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) has recently announced the release of the final list of shortlisted candidates for the upcoming recruitment exercise. If you have applied for any of the advertised roles, it is highly recommended that you visit the official FRSC website to verify whether your name has been included in the PDF list of shortlisted candidates.

It is important to carefully go through the list and ascertain whether your name appears on it. If your name is included, congratulations! This signifies that you have been shortlisted for further stages of the recruitment process.

However, if your name is not present on the list, please note that this may indicate that you have not been selected for the next phase of the recruitment exercise. It is essential to respect the decision made by the FRSC and consider exploring other opportunities in your career path.

Check your email.

If you applied for the FRSC recruitment exercise and were shortlisted, then you should have received an email from the FRSC informing you of your success. The email will include relevant details regarding the next steps that you need to take.

Check Your Phone Number

The FRSC may have also sent out an SMS notification to inform successful applicants who were shortlisted. The message should include all the necessary information related to your selection and participation in the upcoming recruitment exercise.

Visit The Online Official Portal

You can also check various online platforms such as the FRSC official website at, third-party websites, and social media pages to find out if your name was shortlisted by the commission.

On these sites and pages, you simply search for your name or any other personal details that may match up with what is required for verification purposes. This is usually the fastest way to find out if your name is featured on their final list of shortlisted candidates.

Once again, congratulations to everyone who was successfully selected. We hope this news helps bring a little bit of joy into this challenging period, and we wish everyone participating in the upcoming recruitment examination success.


We hope that this list of Federal Road Safety Commission shortlisted candidates goes a long way in assisting you as you prepare for the next stage of the recruitment exercise. There are so many talented and hardworking individuals who are vying for the opportunity to serve the people of Nigeria, and we wish every single one of them the very best.