How Far Is a Klick in the Army Military Terms? (Best Answer)

How Far Is a Klick in the Army Military Terms? Read down this article to get the best answer to your question.

Have you ever wondered how far a military “click” or “klick” is? Language used by the military is frequently unfamiliar to civilians. Therefore, you are not alone if you’ve ever wondered how far a klick is in military terms.

It is best that you learn the correct answer to this question so that you will be prepared to respond when someone asks you, “How far is a klick/click in military terms?” whether you want to join the military or attend a military college.

Consequently, the purpose of this article is to clarify for you what a klick/click is and how far a click means in military terminology. If that’s the case, continue reading to find the best solution.

How Far Is a Klick in the Army Military Terms?

You can learn how far a klick/Click is, how far a click is in miles, how far a kilometer is, what an army click is, and how far a click is in feet by reading the information on this website.

In the US and UK military, a click, also known as a “klick,” is equivalent to one kilometer, 0.6214 miles, or 3,280.84 feet. The military uses the term “klick” for kilometers. The word “kilometer” is where the word “klick” comes from. Thus, one klick is equivalent to one kilometer. During the Vietnam War, the word “Klick” first appeared in use.

History of the word klick?

Although the word’s exact origins are unknown, some historians theorize that the Australian military may have come up with the term in Vietnam. Infantry soldiers would pace to gauge each distance while using a compass to follow directions.

Each soldier would count their steps, and 100 meters were equal to 110 paces on level ground, 120 paces uphill, and 100 paces downhill. Every 100 meters was regarded as a “mark” by them.

Soldiers would raise their rifle and move the gas regulator with their thumb to signal to their commander that they had moved 1,000 meters, which the commander could hear as a “click.” The word “klick” is thought to have come from this click.

8 Common Military Distance Measurements?

Several of the most typical distance measurement types employed by various military branches include the following:

  • Nautical miles: A nautical mile is a unit of measurement that is used for defining territorial waters as well as for space, air, and maritime navigation. On the circumference of the earth, one nautical mile is equivalent to 1.852 kilometers or 1,852 meters. In terms of latitude, it is also equal to one minute.

  • Knots: In aviation and nautical military branches, a knot is a unit of distance measurement that designates a speed equal to one nautical mile per hour, or 1.852 kilometers per mile.

  • Kiloyard: A kiloyard is one thousand yards, or 914.4 meters, in length. Although it is no longer commonly used, some military branches continue to refer to 1,000 yards as a kiloyard.

  • Velocity: The term “velocity” is used to describe how fast a projectile, such as a pellet, bullet, or slug, is moving relative to the muzzle as it leaves the gun’s barrel. This method of measurement is frequently used by the Army to describe the capabilities of various weapon types. The velocity of an artillery cannon, for instance, is low when it is less than 762 m/s and high when it is between 914 m/s and 1,067 m/s. When the velocity is between 472 m/s and 1,021 m/s, tank guns have a high velocity.

  • Longitude: Vertical lines that converge at the North and South poles of the globe are known as longitudes. The location at an angle between north and south through the Prime Meridian and a vertical point is represented by a place’s longitude.

  • Latitude: Latitude is used to describe the horizontal lines that follow the Equator. Each degree that makes up a latitude is approximately 69 miles long.

  • Furlong: A furlong represents .125 of a mile, or 220 yards.

  • Rod: An old English unit of measurement known as a “rod” is occasionally used in the military to refer to a distance of 16.5 feet or 5.5 years.

The table below shades further light on how far one click is in military terms.

How Far is a Klick/Click in Military Terms?

The table below beautifully describes how far a click is in military terms.

1 Click 0.62 Mile 1000 Meters 3280.83 feet
2 Click 1.24 miles 2000 Meters 6561.68 feet
3 Click 1.86 miles 3000 Meters 9842.52 feet
4 Click 2.49 miles 4000 Meters 13123.36 feet
5 Click 3.11 miles 5000 Meters 16404.20 feet
6 Click 3.73 miles 6000 Meters 19685.04 feet
7 Click 4.35 miles 7000 Meters 22965.88 Feet
8 Click 4.97 miles 8000 Meters 26246.72 Feet
9 Click 5.59 miles 9000 Meters 29527.56 Feet
10 Clicks 6.21 miles 10000 Meters 32808.39 Feet
11 Clicks 6.82 miles 11000 Meters 36089.24 Feet
12 Clicks 7.44 miles 12000 Meters 39370.0 Feet
15 clicks 9.30 miles 15000 Meters 49212.59 Feet
20 clicks 12.43 miles 20000 Meters 65616.79 Feet
25 clicks 15.53 miles 25000 Meters 82020.99 Feet
30 clicks 18.64 miles 30000 Meters 98425.19 Feet
50 clicks 31.07 miles 50000 Meters 164041.99 Feet
100 clicks 62.14 miles 100000 Meters 328083.99 Feet
500 clicks 310.69 miles 500000 Meters 1640419.95 Feet
1000 clicks 621.37 miles 1000000 Meters 3280839.89 Feet
5000 clicks 3106.86 miles 5000000 Meters 16404199.47 Feet
10000 clicks 6213.71 miles 10000000 Meters 32808398.95 Feet

How far is 20 clicks in the military?

However, among those in the military, the term “klick” is a common way to describe walking distances. A soldier who radios, “We’re 10 klicks south of your position,” is referring to a distance of 10 kilometers (6.2 miles). The majority of foreign maps will also have elevation contour lines that are measured in meters.

Why does the military use clicks instead of miles?

Consequently, klick—a unit of measurement for kilometers—emerged in the military. Klick is preferred over the word “kilometer” because it is shorter and simpler to pronounce. All military personnel can use and understand this measurement.

How many clicks is one mile?

1 Click = 1 Kilometer. 1 Click = 0.621371 Miles.