How to Take NOUN TMA (Tutor Marked Assignment) Portal Login

How to Use the National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) TMA (Tutor Marked Assignment) Portal. How do I check my TMA? All information regarding how to login to noun tma portal, will be discussed below.

– The TMA Portal for the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) has been MODIFIED.

Procedures for taking the NOUN TMA have been modified.

– You are taken directly to the TMA Portal page, where a list of your registered exams is displayed, when you log in as a student. Select the appropriate TMA, then begin responding.

TMA Explanation for National Open University of Nigeria

The marking system for NOUN is tutor marked assignment (TMA), and it accounts for 30% of the student’s overall grade. Note that this is the same as the test at other educational institutions.

The student must respond to or submit three (3) NOUN TMA questions. Her top three correctly completed TMAs will then be chosen and given a 30% grade.

Since the assignment has a due date, you may complete it at your own pace, as long as you don’t go past the allotted time (deadline) for submission.

TMAs are required if a student wants to achieve a more excellent grade because the final exam has a 70% score requirement.

Want to use the TMA Portal for your tutor-marked assignments? A TMA submission to start? Observe the steps listed below.

How to Take NOUN TMA via the official portal

Visit, the website of the National Open University of Nigeria.

  1. On the Nouonline Portal Login Page, click “STUDENT,” then “Log in.” Enter your matricule number and password, then press the “Submit” button.
  2. You should now be on your student profile page on Nouonline.
  3. In the menu options for NOUN studyware. When prompted to log in again, enter your matric number and password and press “Submit,” select “2021/2 TMA 1.”
  4. Click TAKE TMA 1, TMA 2, OR TMA 3 by swiping down.
  5. TMA is located on the page’s right side.

NOTE: To take your TMA on a mobile device, you must slightly swipe the TMA PAGE to the left; however, if you are using a desktop or laptop, you don’t need to do this. Please switch to desktop view in your browser for mobile access.

Based on your exam registration, the tutor marked assignment (TMA) is completed.
To be eligible to take the exam, you must attempt at least three (3) TMAs for each course you have registered for.