NCC Salary Structure and Allowances In Nigeria 2023

NCC Salary Structure and Allowance in Nigeria | Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) salary for Graduate per month.
What is NCC’s current salary? Have you ever wondered how much NCC’s level 8 entry employees were paid? The whole NCC compensation structure scale, as well as the organization’s numerous departments, functions, and so on, are all included in this article.

List of NCC Salary Structure Scale

The wage structure of the NCC Nigeria, like that of all other government agencies, is based on the level of skill and experience.

This means they compensate their employees based on their grades and years on the job, as well as the skillsets they possess. That explains why the lowest-paid NCC worker was a level entry grade 8 employees.

Even with this remuneration scale, the NCC is one of the most well-paid government bodies. Aside from these competitive pay packages, each employee is eligible for bonuses and allowances.

The average NCC employee compensation is ₦331,500, while some receive less for various reasons.

According to the report, various positions and their typical wages as paid by the NCC Salary structure are listed below.

  • An IT service manager Each month, management makes an average of ₦998,000.
  • A month’s salary for a Management Information System officer is around ₦263,000.
  • Customer service representatives or call agents make an average of ₦55,000 each month.
  • The average monthly wage for an ICT officer is ₦42,000.

NCC Salary Structure for Level 8 Workers

What is NCC’s beginning salary? This is a common question among graduates interested in working for the Nigeria Communication Commission.

According to the NCC compensation structure, entry level employees earn the least of all NCC employees. Your wage, however, is determined by your skill set and knowledge.

Most high-paying companies, such as NCC, do not readily disclose their projected compensation, particularly for new employees.

The typical NCC wage structure scale for level 8 workers is between ₦90,000 and ₦120,000, according to the report.

This is after all appropriate taxes have been deducted. In addition, depending on the job description, NCC entry personnel are entitled to incentives and allowances.

More on NCC Salary Scale

Almost every graduate aspires to work for the respected Nigeria Communication Commission and earn a big salary.

Unfortunately, except for individuals with unfair advantages, the selection process is usually tough and competitive.

However, when you consider the NCC wage structure and other benefits, the stress is well worth it!