Nigeria Jubilee Fellowship Programme NJFP Registration 2024 Apply Now

Nigeria Jubilee Fellowship Programme NJFP Registration 2024 Apply Now

Jubilee Registration 2024 Portal Login: Check out the basic information regarding how to apply for Nigeria Jubilee Fellowship Programme NJFP Registration 2024 and how to obtain the application form.

In this article, we will discuss the latest news on Nigeria’s Jubilee Fellows program, the NJFP application form/status, as well as the NJFP closing date. Continue reading.

The NJFP is dedicated to supporting the Sustainable Development Goals and those sectors and industries that are crucial to securing Nigeria’s future. Nigeria’s Jubilee Fellows Program is a comprehensive initiative that aims to provide opportunities for young professionals in a variety of industries.

This program focuses on a wide range of sectors, including start-up businesses, innovative and creative industries, digital and technology, the green economy, financial services, important public and international development organizations, research and development, agriculture, real estate, construction, transportation, and health services.

One of the key objectives of the Jubilee Fellows Program is to promote entrepreneurship and innovation by supporting start-up businesses. The program recognizes the potential for growth and job creation in the start-up sector and provides young professionals with the necessary resources and mentorship to succeed in this competitive landscape.

NJFP Portal Login 2024 Application

Apply for open NYSC and graduate slots by logging in to the Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Program website, NJFP Portal. Application for NJFP is now available. For an application or to get a registration form, go to the portal link at

By following the login and registration instructions provided in this guide, you are on your way to becoming a part of the Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Program. Remember to submit your application before the deadline and stay engaged with the program’s updates.

The official website of the Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Program is By going to and signing up with your credentials on the official Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Program website login gateway, you may access the portal.

Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme Registration Form 2024

Use the instructions we have given you in this post to register for NJFP. You can obtain the application form by heading to the NJFP application portal,, where registration for the NJFP is now taking place. Registration is always welcome, and the application page will be accessible for six weeks.

The Federal Government of Nigeria, with the aim of reducing the country’s unemployment rate, has introduced the Nigeria Jubilee Programme. This initiative is designed to provide recent graduates with valuable professional experience, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in their respective fields.

The primary objective of the Nigeria Jubilee Programme is to lower the unemployment rate across the country by offering opportunities for recent graduates to gain practical experience in their chosen fields.

By bridging the gap between academic knowledge and real-world application, this programme aims to enhance the employability of graduates and contribute to the overall socio-economic development of the nation.

Interested candidates who wish to apply for the NJFP program are required to register online on the official website of the NJFP Portal. To begin the registration process, candidates should visit On the website, they will find a registration form that needs to be filled out with the necessary data.

Once all the required information has been entered accurately, candidates can proceed to click on the “sign up” button to submit their application. It is important to ensure that all fields in the application form are thoroughly filled out before submitting.

By following these steps and completing the online registration process on the NJFP Portal, candidates can successfully apply for the program.

NJFP Requirements 2024

To qualify as a fellow, you must

  • Must be a citizen of Nigeria.

  • Possess a recent degree (Bachelor’s or HND Certificate) in any field, earned no earlier than 2017.

  • A Bachelor’s degree must be earned with at least a Second Class Lower (2.2) or an HND certificate with an Upper Credit (> 3.00).

  • Applicants must not be more than thirty.

  • Must not be doing any work at the moment.

  • Possess a certificate of exemption from the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) OR have completed the required NYSC.

  • Show commitment to and interest in the chosen profession.

  • Have professional skills and sound time management.

  • Possess effective writing and verbal communication abilities.

How To Apply for Nigeria Jubilee Fellowship Programme NJFP Registration

 Interested candidates who wish to apply for the NJFP program must register online on the official website of the NJFP Portal. By visiting the official portal below, applicants can access the necessary information and resources to complete their registration. It is important to note that registrations completed through unofficial channels will not be considered.

  • Visit and log in.

  • Select “Apply Now”

  • Enter your biographical information.

  • The address of your email.

  • Add the necessary documents, then hit “submit.”

There are no fees associated with the Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Program at any point in the application or work placement process. The NJFP urges applicants to exercise caution and report any suspected fraudulent activity to local law enforcement authorities for appropriate action.

The NJFP desires to alert applicants to any fraudulent actions being carried out ostensibly in the name of the NJFP and/or its officials.