Nigerian Army Ranks and Salary Structure 2023/2024 [UPDATED]

Army Ranks and Pay: We will provide important details about the Nigerian Army’s ranks and pay scale in this article. Knowing the Nigerian Army’s pay scale and ranks is crucial whether you’re trying to comprehend the role of the military in general or want to join the force. Learn more by reading on.

How well-versed are you in the Nigerian Army? Are you familiar with the pay scale and rank system in the Nigerian Army? If not, it might interest you to know that the goal of this article is to give our readers a general understanding of the ranks and pay scale of the Nigerian Army.

We’ll outline the Nigerian Army’s echelons in this article, along with the men’s and women’s monthly salaries. After reading this article, you will therefore be familiar with the ranks and pay scale of the Nigerian Army. I see; continue reading.

There are many things you should understand about the Nigerian Army, particularly if you plan to enlist in it in the future.

But before we get started, we’d like to briefly explain the Nigerian Army’s roles to you before we get into its pay scale and rank system.

The largest element of the Nigerian Army Forces, the Nigerian Army is governed by the Nigerian Army Council (NAC). It was established in 1960 and is in charge of land operations. In terms of size, it is still Africa’s biggest army.

Nigerian Army Ranks

The Nigerian Army ranks is divided into two categories:

  • The commissioned officers and,
  • The non-commissioned officers

Thus, the Nigerian Army ranks are as follows;

The Nigerian Army ranks of commissioned officers starting from the highest to the lowest are as follows

Nigerian Army Ranks

1. Field Marshal

A very senior military rank, usually preceding the general officer ranks, is field marshal (FM). In an army, it is the highest rank.

In many nations’ modern armed forces, it is regarded as a five-star rank (OF-10).

In the past, many nations have required a general to have accomplished extraordinary military feats in order to be promoted to the rank of field marshal (a wartime victory).

2. General

An army officer of the highest rank is known as a general officer. In some nations, the rank of general is known as a four-star rank. NATO assigned it the code OF-9.

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3. Lieutenant General

Many nations use the three-star military rank of lieutenant general. The position’s roots can be found in the Middle Ages, when the second in command on the battlefield—typically reporting to a captain general—held the title of lieutenant general.

NATO assigned it the code OF-8.

Nigerian Army Ranks

4. Major General

Many nations employ the military rank of major general. Its predecessor was the sergeant major general rank. The apparent confusion of a lieutenant general outranking a major general and a major outranking a lieutenant is explained by the removal of the word “sergeant” from the title. The NATO code for it is OF-7.

5. Brigadier General

A senior rank in the military is brigade general, also known as a brigadier general. In some nations, it is the lowest-ranking general officer, typically falling between colonel and major general.

A brigadier general typically commands a brigade of about 4,000 soldiers when appointed to a field command.

A brigadier general may also be referred to as a one-star general in certain nations (OF-6).

6. Colonel

A senior military officer rank below general officer ranks is colonel. However, the colonel rank is the highest in some small military forces, like those of Monaco or the Vatican.

Some police departments and paramilitary groups also employ it. Nato code: OF-5

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7. Lieutenant Colonel

Above a major and below a colonel, the rank of lieutenant colonel is that of a commissioned officer in the world’s armies, marine forces, and some air forces.

The title of Lieutenant Colonel is used by a number of American police departments. In casual conversation and unofficial correspondence, the title of lieutenant colonel is frequently abbreviated to “colonel.”

In the army, a battalion or regiment is typically under the command of a lieutenant colonel.

8. Major

Major is a rank of commissioned officer status in the military, and there are equivalent ranks in many militaries all over the world.

9. Captain

The command of a company of soldiers has historically corresponded to the army rank of captain, which is a commissioned officer rank. Some air forces and marine forces also employ the rank.

A company or artillery battery’s commander or second-in-command is typically a captain today.

10. Lieutenant

The second-youngest or, in some cases, the youngest commissioned officer is a lieutenant in the armed forces, fire departments, police, and other organizations of many countries.

11. Second Lieutenant

Second lieutenant is a junior-commissioned officer rank, similar to NATO OF-1a rank, in many armed forces.

The Nigerian Army ranks of non-commissioned officers starting from the highest to the lowest are as follows:

12. Master Warrant Officer

13. Warrant Officer

14. Staff Sergeant

15. Sergeant

16. Corporal

17. Lance Corporal

18. Private Soldier

19. Recruit

Nigerian Army Salary Structure 2023

The pay scale for the Nigerian army is based on rank. A soldier’s pay in Nigeria is based on his rank and number of years of service. The Nigerian Army’s current pay scale is shown below.

The following table lists the commission officer salaries in the Nigerian Army, from highest to lowest:

Salaries of non-commissioned Officers

  • Master Warrant Officer: N90,000
  • Warrant Officer: N80,000
  • Staff Sergeant: N68,000
  • Sergeant: N63,000
  • Corporal: N58,000
  • Lance Corporal earns about N54,000-55,000;
  • Private Soldier earns about N48,000-49,000.

Salaries of Commissioned Officers

  • General: N1.5 million
  • Lieutenant General: N1 million
  • Major General: N950,000;
  • Brigadier General: N750,000
  • Colonel – N550,000
  • Lieutenant Colonel – N350,000
  • Major – N300,000
  • Captain – N220,000
  • Lieutenant – N180,000
  • Second Lieutenant – N120,000.

The current pay scale for the Nigerian Army is shown in the list above.

What do you think about this? The salaries, are they too high or too low? Use the comment section below to share your viewpoint.

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