Nigerian Navy Batch 34 Medical Test and Screening 2023

Nigerian Navy Batch 34 Medical Test and Screening 2023

Check out the following information below about Nigerian Navy Batch 34 Medical Screening, Nigerian Navy Batch 34 Medical Test, Nigerian Navy Physical Fitness Test, as well as Nigerian Navy Physical Requirements for both Males and Females. Continue reading.

The Nigerian Navy Batch 34 Medical Test and Screening during this stage of recruitment includes the following tests: Urine Test, Blood Test, etc.

You will be doing that for a good 7 days. The results of the medical screening will be announced on the seventh day; those who pass will be sent back to the hostel, while those who fail will be expelled from the cantonment.

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Nigerian Navy Batch 34 Medical Test


The Nigerian Navy Medical Board is responsible for conducting medical examinations on candidates who have been recommended by the Nigerian Navy Selection Board. Comprised of service medical officers, the board ensures that all candidates meet the required medical standards for entry into the Nigerian Navy.

It is important for the public to note that only applicants whose status has been confirmed by the medical board will be considered for placement on the merit list. This means that the medical examination is a crucial step in the selection process.

Physical Standards for Officers (Male/Female) On Entry

Joining the Nigerian Navy requires candidates to meet specific criteria related to their physical and mental health. It is essential for aspiring candidates to be in good physical condition and possess sound mental health. This requirement ensures that individuals are fully capable of carrying out their responsibilities effectively, both on land and at sea, in times of peace and during war, regardless of the location.

To be eligible for enlistment, candidates must be free from any medical conditions that could impede their performance. The Nigerian Navy only seeks individuals who are physically fit and capable of enduring the demanding nature of naval operations.



The Nigerian Navy holds a proud tradition of safeguarding the nation’s maritime interests. As an esteemed institution, it is imperative that all candidates seeking to join the Nigerian Navy possess certain attributes and meet specific eligibility criteria. This document outlines the key requirements that individuals must fulfill in order to be considered for recruitment.

  •  Sufficient Intelligence: Intelligence is a vital attribute for any prospective candidate joining the Nigerian Navy. The nature of naval operations demands individuals who possess a sharp intellect, critical thinking skills, and the ability to make swift decisions under pressure. Candidates will be evaluated through a comprehensive assessment process to determine if they are fit to join the Nigerian Navy.

  •  Good Hearing: The ability to hear clearly is of the utmost importance in the Nigerian Navy. Candidates must have good hearing acuity to effectively communicate and respond to commands, particularly in challenging on-board environments. During the Nigerian Navy Batch 34 Medical Test, candidates will undergo hearing tests to ensure that their hearing capabilities meet the required standards.

  •  No Signs of Ear, Nose, or Throat Diseases: To maintain optimal health and performance, candidates must have no signs of any disease in the ear, nose, or throat. A thorough medical examination will be conducted to assess the overall health of candidates, with specific attention given to these areas.

  •  Good Vision: A clear vision is essential for a successful career in the Nigerian Navy. Candidates must have good visual acuity to accurately observe and interpret information, especially during navigation and surveillance tasks. Visual assessments, including (a) tests for visual acuity, (b) color vision, and (c) depth perception, will be conducted to ensure that candidates meet the required vision standards.

  • Candidates must have no glandular swelling of any kind. This means that there should be no abnormal enlargement or inflammation of the glands in the body. Glandular swelling can be indicative of various health conditions, so its absence is crucial for determining the candidate’s fitness for the position.

  • The chest of candidates must be well-formed. A well-formed chest implies that there are no abnormalities or deformities in the structure of the chest area. This is important as it ensures that the candidate has a strong and healthy respiratory system.

  • The heart and lungs of each or every candidate must be sound. This means that there should be no signs of any cardiovascular or respiratory issues. A healthy heart and lungs are essential for maintaining optimal physical performance and overall well-being.

  • Moreover, there should be no evidence of a hernia in the candidates. A hernia occurs when an organ or tissue protrudes through a weak spot in the muscles. The absence of a hernia is important, as it indicates that the candidate’s abdominal muscles are strong and intact.

  • Finally, candidates must have no traces of previous acute or chronic diseases that point to an impaired constitution. This means that there should be no lingering effects or signs of past illnesses that may affect the candidate’s ability to perform the required duties effectively.

It is crucial to highlight that drawings and tattoos will not be accepted as part of the application process for the Nigerian Navy. Candidates must be aware that any individual found with any form of drawing or tattoo will be disqualified, with due consideration given to this aspect.

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