NIMR Shortlisted Candidates Names 2024/2025 PDF Recruitment List, Screening Updates and Portal |

NIMR Shortlisted Candidates Names 2024/2025 PDF Recruitment List, Screening Updates and Portal |

NIMR Shortlisted Candidates Names 2024: The Nigerian Institute of Medical Research (NIMR) is glad to announce the list of shortlisted candidates for various job vacancies. All aspiring applicants who applied to either of the advertised job vacancies, such as Research Scientist, Bioinformatics Specialist, Lab Technician, Data Analyst, Research Assistant, Administrative Officer, Research Coordinator, and others, can now visit the NIMR career portal at to check if their names are included in the 2024/2025 PDF list of shortlisted candidates released by the institute.

The NIMR is committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality and fairness in its recruitment process. The shortlisted candidates were selected based on their qualifications and relevant experience. The selection process involved a thorough evaluation of each candidate’s application, including their qualifications, skills, and suitability for the position.

The shortlisted candidates will be contacted by NIMR for further evaluation and interviews. The interviews will be conducted to assess their suitability for the position and assess their skills and abilities. The NIMR aims to provide equal opportunities to all candidates and is committed to selecting the best talent that aligns with its goals and objectives.

Candidates who are shortlisted will be invited to visit the NIMR for an interview and any necessary documentation. The NIMR will provide detailed instructions and guidelines to shortlisted candidates regarding the interview process.

The NIMR recognizes the importance of diversity in its workforce and seeks to attract qualified individuals from diverse backgrounds. The inclusion of candidates from diverse educational backgrounds, cultures, and experiences enriches the work environment and promotes innovation and collaboration.

To check the list of shortlisted candidates, applicants can visit the NIMR career portal at The portal contains a list of shortlisted candidates for all job vacancies advertised. The list is available in PDF format, which can be easily accessed and downloaded.

The NIMR encourages all shortlisted candidates to prepare adequately for the interview process. This includes familiarizing themselves with the NIMR’s vision, mission, and values, as well as researching the role and responsibilities of the position they have applied for.

The NIMR wishes all shortlisted candidates the best of luck and encourages them to maintain professionalism and enthusiasm throughout the recruitment process. We are excited about the opportunity to bring talented individuals to join our team and contribute to the advancement of medical research and public health in Nigeria.

Note: The dates, times, and locations of the interviews, screening of credentials and recruitment examination will be communicated to shortlisted candidates individually.

How To Check The (NIMR) PDF List of Shortlisted Candidates for 2024

Public Notice: Please note that the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research (NIMR) has not yet released the PDF list of shortlisted candidates for the year 2024. However, all candidates who applied for any of the jobs advertised by the NIMR are to remain patient until the 2024/2025 PDF list is released on the official portal at [].

Please note that the NIMR is currently in the process of reviewing and evaluating all applications received. The shortlisted candidates will be notified through the official portal once the selection process is completed.

We understand the importance of notification and transparency during the recruitment process, and we apologize for any inconvenience caused by the delay in releasing the 2024 shortlist. Rest assured that the NIMR is diligently working to finalize the list of qualified candidates.

For the moment, we advise all applicants to continue monitoring the official portal for updates and announcements regarding the 2024/2025 PDF list. The portal will contain all the necessary information regarding the release of the shortlist, including the selection process, interview, screening and examination dates, and any other relevant information.


The yet-to-be-released PDF list contains the names and contact details of the candidates who have been shortlisted for further consideration in the recruitment process.

  • Visit the official website at

  • Click on the Recruitment Section

  • Locate the PDF List of Shortlisted Candidates

  • Download the PDF list

  • Open the PDF list

  • Access the details (names and contacts).

The 2024/2025 Nigerian Institute of Medical Research (NIMR) PDF list will contain the names of the shortlisted candidates and their contact details such as phone numbers and email addresses.

By following these steps, you should be able to easily check the NIMR PDF list of shortlisted candidates for 2024. We advise all concerned candidates to make sure to check the official NIMR website regularly for any updates or changes to the list.

NIMR Screening Updates for Shortlisted Candidates

All shortlisted candidates are required to report on the specified date that is released on the NIMR official portal for their respective state centers. The reporting session will be conducted across all selected states, including the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). It is crucial for concerned candidates to note that they are only eligible to report if they appear on the 2024/2025 NIMR list of shortlisted candidates.

During the reporting session, candidates must bring original copies of all educational certificates, certificates of birth or age declaration, National ID card, driver’s license, and any other relevant documents.

Additionally, they should bring a printout of their application slip, passport photographs, copies of the guarantors’ forms, and certified medical fitness (obtained from a government hospital). It is essential to note that candidates who fail to make it onto the 2024/2025 NIMR list of shortlisted candidates are not eligible to report to any of the recruitment centers.

Upon arrival at the recruitment center, candidates will be required to present original copies of the previously mentioned documents for verification purposes. Candidates are also encouraged to come prepared with any additional documents that may be requested.

Please note that the reporting times for each recruitment center may not be the same, and candidates are advised to refer to the NIMR official portal for accurate information regarding the reporting schedule.

However, all selected candidates should note that failure to bring the original documents or failure to meet the eligibility criteria may result in disqualification from the recruitment process.