Ogun SUBEB Shortlisted Candidates 2023/2024 Final List

Ogun State SUBEB Shortlisted Candidates 2023: The list of qualifying applicants for positions in the Ogun state public service under the teacher category has been made public by the Ogun State Universal Basic Education Board.

The shortlisted candidates are required to show up at various locations designated by their various educational institutions between 9 am and 12 pm for the screening procedure. The names of those who are selected for further consideration will then be made public.

The Ogun State government has posted a list of the SUBEB shortlisted candidates online, along with a list of all qualifying applicants to fill open teaching vacancies.

The Ogun State government is devoted to ensuring that every kid has access to high-quality education, and the first step in this endeavor is to hire skilled educators who are well-trained and knowledgeable of the most recent information.

We will analyze the Ogun State SUBEB Shortlisted Candidates in this blog article so that you can determine if you meet the criteria as well. The Ogun State Universal Basic Education Board selected these candidates based on their qualifications.

Is Ogun SUBEB Shortlisted Candidates Out?

The list of eligible candidates has NOT been made public by the Ogun State Universal Basic Education Board. This is consistent with the objective of the Ogun State government to guarantee that only competent individuals are hired to teach in public schools.

The list of all successful applicants for this year’s job who applied via ogunstate.gov.ng has not yet been made public by the Ogun State Government.

All the names that were released for screening will be on the list when it is released.

Criteria for Selection Of Ogun State SUBEB Recruitment

How are candidates for Osun State Teachers Shortlisted chosen? Being a teacher in the Nigerian state of Ogun State is challenging. Before being accepted into the Ogun State Universal Basic Education Board, a candidate must pass a number of processes.

In actuality, there are three primary selection criteria, which include

  • Formal qualification,
  • Experience, and
  • Performance

In addition,

  • All applicants must be an Ogun State indigene
  • Secondly, all applicants must have at least the National Certificate in Education (NCE)
  • Thirdly, only applicants who specify the name of the Primary School in which they wish to teach might be shortlisted
  • Also, applicants with Multiple applications will not be shortlisted
  • Most importantly, the applicant who submitted late applications will not be entertained/shortlisted
  • Lastly, candidates must have the NYSC discharge certificate

Date for Ogun State SUBEB Interview

The date of the exams or interview will be publicized here on this website when it is out, therefore all candidates who were successfully shortlisted should be aware of that.

Venue for Ogun State SUBEB Screening Exercise

Once the State Universal Basic Education Board has finalized and made public the list of all candidates who have been successfully shortlisted, the location for the Ogun SUBEB screening exercise will be made known to the public. As a result, to learn more about the Ogun SUBEB Shortlisted Candidates, always check our website.

How to Check the Ogun SUBEB Shortlisted Candidates

When Ogun State Universal Basic Education Board hires a teacher, there are numerous aspects to consider. How can you tell if they are capable? Could they be certain that you’ll fit in well at the school?

How will you determine which applicants are even worthy of being shortlisted? Finding the ideal applicant can be challenging given these and other factors, but we have some advice on how to evaluate Ogun SUBEB shortlisted candidates.

  • First, go to ogunstate.gov.ng to the Ogun SUBEB website.
  • Next, look through the right corner and enter your registration information.
  • Then, press the Checklist to double-check the names of each applicant who made the short list.
  • In reality, you can access the PDF list of the Ogun SUBEB’s shortlisted candidates by clicking the download button.
  • Last but not least, the names on the Ogun SUBEB shortlist are grouped according to their last name and application ID.