WAEC Result Checker & GCE Login Portal 2023: WAECDIRECT Online Now Open: www.waecdirect.org

WAEC Result Checker & GCE Login Portal 2023: WAECDIRECT Online Now Open: www.waecdirect.org

WAEC Result Checker & GCE Login Portal: WAECDIRECT Online Now Open: www.waecdirect.org 2023 | Free WASSCE Results Checker | WAEC Result Checker Nigeria

Below are the steps for viewing your WAEC 2023 results using the result checker on www.waecdirect.org.

On the WAEC result checking page for 2023, WASSCE results are now available to view. Your WAEC 2023 score is currently accessible online.

By following these steps, students in Nigeria, Ghana, and the Gambia can easily view their 2023 WAEC results for the SSCE using the official result checker on www.waecdirect.org.

This page’s instructions will show you “how to check WAEC result 2023” using the WAEC result checker website.

Basic Update on WAEC www.waecdirect.org


  • The Council typically holds two exams each year: one in May or June for school candidates and one in October or November for Nigerian private applicants.

WAEC Certificate

  • School applicants pick up their certificates at their respective schools, while private candidates receive them directly from WAEC.

  • Candidates can pick up their certificates at the WAEC Zonal and Branch offices in charge of the state where they took the exam.

WAEC Result Checker 2023 Portal Login

  • In addition to checking WAEC results online at the WAECDIRECT website by utilizing the WAEC result checker 2023 online, you can have your results emailed to an email address of your choice by selecting the appropriate settings on the WAECDIRECT home page.

  • Candidates can also receive an SMS with their results on it to their GSM mobile phone.

WAEC Result Checker 2023/2023

Information on how to view the WAEC 2023 results online is provided below.

  • The first step is to open your laptop or smartphone and connect to the internet.

  • Step 2: Check the WAEC results for 2023 on the website. www.waecdirect.org
    Now you’ll see the main WAECDIRECT portal.

  • Step 3: Enter the 10 digits that make up your WAEC Examination Number. (For example, 4123456789) This is your three-digit candidate number followed by your seven-digit center number.

  • Step 4: Type the exam year, for instance, 2023.

  • Decide on the Type of Exam in Step 5: School Candidates’ Results [Result for Independent Candidate]

  • Step 6: Input the scratch card’s serial number (check the reverse side of your scratch card).

  • Step 7: Enter the Personal Identification Number on your scratch card (PIN).

  • Step 8: Wait for the results window to open after clicking “Submit.”

NB: You can print or download your WAEC results for your convenience.

  • Without a scratch card, candidates cannot use the WAECDIRECT Online service. The PIN required to access the WAECDIRECT service is concealed by a scratch patch on the back of a plastic card known as a scratch card.

  • The PIN is a unique 10-digit or 12-digit number that must be entered to access the service.

  • Scratch cards are sold at the WAEC National Office and at any of its zonal and branch offices across Nigeria. The revised price for the scratch card is N450.

  • You are allowed to check your results using 1 (one) scratch card for each result.

WAEC Result Checker via SMS and Others

In the event that the internet connection is slow or not available, there is no need to worry. The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) offers two alternative methods for checking your results: Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and SMS on GSM mobile phones.

IVR, or Interactive Voice Response, allows you to access your examination results by calling a designated phone number. By following the voice prompts, you can enter your examination details and receive your results instantly.

Another option provided by WAEC is the use of SMS on GSM mobile phones. With this method, you can simply send an SMS containing your examination details to a specific number provided by the council.

In response, you will receive an SMS with your examination results. This method is accessible to anyone with a GSM mobile phone, making it a convenient alternative for individuals without internet access or those experiencing a slow internet connection.

These two additional options provided by WAEC aim to ensure that candidates can access their examination results in a timely manner, regardless of internet availability or speed. So, even if you encounter difficulties with the internet, you can still obtain your results through IVR or SMS on GSM mobile phones.

Send an SMS in the format below:

  • WAEC*ExamNo*PIN*ExamYear and send it to 32327

For example,

  • WAEC*5141205004*789630125412*2021

Note: Make sure to adhere strictly to the format outlined above. In addition, wait for your results to be sent as an SMS to your phone. For MTN, Airtel, and Glo customers, SMS only costs N30.

After viewing and/or printing your results, you can log out of the website by clicking on the “Log Out” or “Sign Out” button to ensure the security of your personal information.

Please note that the process for viewing WAEC 2023 results may differ slightly for students in Nigeria, Ghana, and the Gambia. However, the general steps outlined above should guide you through the process on the official portal at www.waecdirect.org.

It is important to keep your examination details, such as the Examination Number, Card Serial Number, and Card PIN, confidential to prevent unauthorized access to your results.