WAEC Result Checker 2023: How to Check WAEC Result for May/June Exam

WAEC Result Checker 2023: How to Check WAEC Result for May/June Exam

WAEC Result Checker 2023: How to Check WAEC Result for May/June Exam

To access your WAEC results, register on the WAEC portal.

  • Head to waecdirect.org and click ‘Register’ at the top of the page. You will need to provide some personal details like your full name, date of birth, and WAEC candidate number. Make sure all the details match what you provided when you registered for the exam.

Once you have registered, you will receive an SMS with your login details. Use those to log into your WAEC portal account.

  • When you log in, you will see options to either check your results, request a result printout, or apply for a certificate. Select ‘Check Results’ to view your scores.

  • Your results will be displayed on the screen. Carefully review all the scores for each subject to ensure there are no errors. If there are any issues, contact WAEC immediately.

If you’re satisfied with your results and want an official record, you can apply for a West African Examinations Council certificate on the portal. The certificate will be mailed to you within a few weeks. Some schools and organizations may require a WAEC certificate as proof of your results.

By following these simple steps, you can access your WAEC results and obtain a certificate to use for academic and career purposes. Best of luck checking your scores, and remember that your results do not define you – there are many paths to success! Stay determined and work hard.

Check Your WAEC Results Online

To check your WAEC results online, follow these steps:

Once the WAEC results are released, you will want to access them as soon as possible. The easiest way to check your West African Examinations Council (WAEC) results online has been shown below.

  1. Go to WAEC’s official website at www.waecdirect.org. This is the only legitimate site for checking your WAEC results, so be wary of scams.

  2. On the homepage, click the ‘Check Results’ button. This will take you to the WAEC Result Checker portal.

  3. Select the type of exam you sat for, whether SSCE, GCE, NECE, etc. Then choose your exam year and enter your 10-digit West African Examinations Council Examination Number.

  4. Enter the 4 digits of your Exam Type Code. This code can be found on your WAEC exam slip. For SSCE, the code is ‘4041’.

  5. Enter the serial number on your WAEC registration scratch card. Scratch gently to reveal the digits and letters.

  6. Review the information displayed on the ‘Confirmation Screen’ to ensure it’s correct before clicking ‘Submit’.

  7. Your WAEC result will be displayed on the screen immediately. Check that all your personal details and subjects are properly captured. Print or download your result for your records.

  8. If you encounter any issues accessing your result online, don’t panic. You can still get your original WAEC result certificate from your school or WAEC office. You may also resolve any challenges by contacting WAEC directly.

With some patience and by following the proper steps, you can check your WAEC result in no time. You can also proceed to the next stage of your education or career.

Check Your WAEC Results via SMS

Once the WAEC results are released, you can access your results via SMS. This is a quick and convenient way to find out how you performed without visiting the West African Examinations Council official portal.

Register Your Phone Number

To receive your WAEC results via SMS, you first need to register your phone number.

About a month before the results are announced, WAEC will open registration on their website and via SMS. Send an SMS to the shortcode “32327” with your exam registration number.

For example, if your registration number is 4123456789, send “4123456789” to 32327. You will receive a confirmation SMS once your number has been registered successfully.

Check Your Results

On the day WAEC releases results, you will receive an SMS with your candidate number and a Personal Identification Number (PIN). This PIN is unique to you and is used to access your results. To view your results, send an SMS to 32327 in the following format:

  • Candidate Number space PIN space Subject1 Subject2 Subject3

For example, if your candidate number is 4123456789, the PIN is 123456, and you want to check English, Math and Biology, send the:

  1. 4123456789 123456 English Math Biology

You will receive an SMS with your scores for the subjects requested. To check additional subjects, simply send another SMS with the requested subjects.

Share Your Results

Once you have received your results via SMS, you can spread the good news to your friends and family. Your PIN allows you to share your results while still keeping them private from those without them. Only provide your PIN to people you trust to share your results with.

While checking via SMS is convenient, for an official record of your results you will still need to visit the WAEC portal. Your results slip can be printed from the portal and used for admission to higher institutions. Wishing you all the best with your West African Examinations Council results.