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www.mynecoexams.com NECO Registration Portal Login 2023: The price, requirements, and deadline for the NECO Registration 2023 Form (www.mynecoexams.com). If you’re considering taking the exams this year, it will be in your best interest to carefully read this post because it contains information on NECO registration 2023 requirements, cost of registration, deadline, etc.

When Does Registration For NECO 2023/2024 Begin. By March 30th, the National Examination Council (NECO) registration form will be available. Additionally, NECO has begun accepting applications for the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination across the country. Candidates must start the registration process.

Is NECO Registration Still on for 2023?

The NECO registration form for 2023/2024 is available, and for internal senior secondary school candidates, registration will begin on Wednesday, March 30, 2023, and terminate on Tuesday, June 21, 2023.

How Can I Register for NECO Online?

  • By visiting www.neco.gov.ng/downloads and selecting the download button under the SSCE internal, you can obtain the NECO SSCE Offline app.
  • Install the application on your device.
  • Launch the application and sign in using your admin USERNAME and PASSWORD, which are both valid.
  • Take note of the candidate’s bio.
  • Enter the candidates’ subjects with the CONTINOUS ASSESSMENT 1 and 2 scores.
  • The candidate’s photo must be uploaded
  • Get the candidates’ biometric information
  • To ensure there are no errors and to side against your registration information, print out the validation list and ask each candidate to examine their registration information.
  • Before submitting it to the NECO State Office, submit the validation list to the State Ministry of Education. The State’s Officer will verify your information and give you permission to upload the verified candidate’s record and make payments.
  • Register to make online payments. To pay for the amount of validated applicants, go to ssceinternal.neco.gov.ng and log in using the administrator USERNAME and PASSWORD.
  • After you upload your verified candidates via the offline app, registration numbers will be generated for the candidates who have registered.
  • You can now proceed after printing the candidate’s photocard, which includes the registration information.

NECO Registration Requirements 2023

If you plan to take the NECO exams, you must comply with the following conditions.

  1. Prior to enrollment, you had to be enrolled in a senior secondary school, whether it was public or private.
  2. You must have a functioning phone number and an active email address (Gmail is highly recommended).
  3. When it comes time to register, you must be prepared with all the necessary details and documentation. You should also double-check that they are accurate.
  4. Your registration fees must be prepared.
  5. Appropriate and sufficient study will result in high grades.

How to Register for NECO 2023

The procedures for signing up for your NECO exams in 2023 are listed here.

Before registering through the NECO registration page, pay your registration fees first.

For internal candidates (i.e., those who are already enrolled at the institution they are enrolling with);

  • Through https://www.mynecoexams.com/ourexaminations, you should register.
  • Selecting “Go to the SSCE internal site” from the drop-down option is the next step.
  • On the registration dashboard, enter your login, password, and the operator I.D. of the person assisting you with registration.
  • Then click “Login” to complete.

For external/private candidates;

Relating to both groups of applicants;

To register and have your fingerprints taken, you must present your passports.

Even though you paid your registration costs, you will not be allowed admission to the exam room if your biometric fingerprint is not taken.

NECO verification and Validation of Registration 2023

You should check your registration again to make sure it was completed correctly. You can do this by visiting http://www.mynecoexams.com/ConfirmRegistration.aspx.

  • As prompted, provide your registration number and school number.
  • Continue by selecting “Search” to confirm your registration.

How Much is NECO Registration Fee?

1 SSCE INTERNAL REGISTRATION FEE 11,350.00 Instant(Online)
2 SSCE EXTERNAL REGISTRATION FEE 11,350.00 Instant(Online)
3 BECE 6,000.00 Instant(Online)
4 BECE RE-SIT 1,000.00 Per Subject
5 NCEE 2,500.00 Instant(Online)
6 ACCREDITATION BECE 50,000.00 March and Oct. every year
7 ACCREDITATION SSCE 70,000.00 March and Oct. every year
8 RE-ACCREDITATION SSCE 50,000.00 March and Oct. every year
9 RE-ACCREDITATION BECE 35,000.00 March and Oct. every year
10 REGISTRATION OF CONTRACTOR – A 7,500.00 February every year
11 REGISTRATION OF CONTRACTOR – B 25,000.00 February every year
12 REGISTRATION OF CONTRACTOR – C 35,000.00 February every year
13 RESULT SLIP 1,000.00 Instant
14 SCHOOL BAG 9,000.00 Instant
15 PHOTO ALBUM 1,200.00 Instant
16 CERTIFICATE 100.00 Instant
17 SYLABUS SSCE 1,200.00 Instant
18 SYLABUS BECE 800.00 Instant
19 MATHS TABLE 150.00 Instant
20 UNVIABLE CENTRES BECE 10,000.00 Per School with less than 20 Candidates
21 UNVIABLE CENTRES SSCE 40,000.00 Per School with less than 20 Candidates
23 LATE SUBMISSION OF C.A. 15,000.00 Instant
24 SSCE LATE REGISTRATION 1,000.00 Instant
25 BIOMETRICS MACHINE 30,000.00 Instant
26 BIDDING 0.00
27 CONSULTANCY Negotiable As agreed by the parties
28 CONFIRMATION OF RESULT 1,000.00 Per Candidate
29 CORRECTION OF NAMES 2,500.00 Per Candidate
30 RE-PRINT OF CERTIFICATE 7,500.00 Per Candidate
32 CHANGE OF SCHOOL NAME 10,000.00 Per School
33 CHIEF EXAMINERS REPORT 1,000.00 Instant
34 STAFF ID CARD 500.00 Instant

NECO Registration Deadline 2023

The National Examinations Council (NECO) 2023 forms will be on sale on March 30, 2023, so now is the time to prepare everything you’ll need, most importantly the registration costs.

The registration deadline is set for June 21. This is about three months before the start date, giving you plenty of time to register.