www.polac.edu.ng Polac Portal Login 2023/2024 Admission Form

www.polac.edu.ng Polac Portal Login 2023/2024 Admission Form

www.polac.edu.ng Polac Portal Login 2023: To access the POLAC portal, you will first need to create an account. It only takes a few minutes and will give you access to all the resources and tools POLAC offers.

  • Go to www.admission.polac.edu.ng and click the “Register” button at the top of the page. This will take you to the account registration form.

  • Please make sure to choose a strong and easy password. The combination of letters, numbers, and symbols will help enhance the security of your account. Once you have entered all the required information as instructed, then you will click on the “Submit” button to proceed with creating your account.
  • Select your organization type. Are you with a non-profit, educational institution, government agency or business? Choose the option that best fits.

  • Enter your organization’s name and your title or role. This helps POLAC customize the experience for your needs.

  • Check your email for a verification message from POLAC. A link will be provided, so you will be expected to click the link sent to your email inbox to confirm your account. Your account is now active.

  • Log in to the POLAC portal using your email and password. You will land on your personalized dashboard. From here you can access online courses, explore case studies, join webinars, utilize toolkits, and connect with other members.

  • Update your profile to get tailored content recommendations. Add information about your areas of interest, experience level, location, and more. The portal will suggest relevant resources based on your profile details.

  • Don’t forget to log in regularly to stay up-to-date with the latest POLAC news and take advantage of new features as they are released. Your free POLAC membership provides access to a wealth of knowledge and support.

Make the most of your POLAC membership. Don’t forget to let us if you have any other questions relating to this topic, as we are available 24 hours to help you succeed.

Activate Your POLAC Account

To access all the resources on the POLAC portal at https://admission.polac.edu.ng/, you will first need to activate your account. Here’s how:

Once you have registered on the POLAC website and received your activation email, open it and click the activation link. This will prompt you to set up your password. Choose something secure that you can remember easily.

  • Make sure to choose a (strong) and easy password. The combination of letters, numbers, and symbols will help enhance the security of your account.

  • Don’t use common words or personal information that could be easily guessed.

  • Write your password down or save it in your password manager in case you forget it.

After setting your password, you will be asked to provide additional details like your mailing address, phone number and security questions. This information is kept private but helps verify your identity if you ever need to reset your password or access your account for any reason.

  • Be sure to provide an email address and phone number you actively use, so you receive all notifications from POLAC.

  • Choose security questions with answers not easily guessed by others.

Once you’ve entered all the required details, your POLAC account will be activated. You can now log in anytime using your email address and password to:

  • Access free educational resources like video tutorials, workbooks and webinars

  • Join the POLAC online community to connect with other members

  • Sign up for paid certification courses and events

  • Update your account information or change your password

If you have any issues activating your account or logging in, don’t hesitate to contact POLAC support. We are here to help get you access as quickly as possible so you can start benefiting from all POLAC has to offer.

POLAC Portal Login for Returning Users

Once you have registered for an account, accessing the POLAC portal again is simple. As a returning user, just follow these steps:

Enter Your Username and Password

To log in, go to polac.gov and click the “Login” button at the top of the page. Then, you will be required to enter the registration username and password you created when you signed up.

Forgot Your Login Info?

If you have forgotten your username or password, don’t worry – we have got you covered. Click the “Forgot username or password?” link below the log in fields. You will be prompted to enter either your username or the email address associated with your account. Applicants should note that their login information will be sent to them through email.

Update Your Profile (Optional)

After logging in, you will land on your POLAC portal homepage. Here you can view the relevant account info, update your profile, change your password, etc.

To update your personal information like your name, address, phone number, etc., click “Update profile” on the left side of the screen. After you may have updated your account, you will be required to click “Save changes” at the bottom of the page.

Check Your Inbox

The POLAC portal inbox is where you will receive notifications and messages from POLAC. Check your inbox regularly for updates, requests for more info, or other communications.

Click “Inbox” on the left side of the screen to view new and read messages. Be sure to read each message in full and take any requested actions. Failure to respond to POLAC messages in a timely manner could affect your account access or status.

Log Out When Done

Once you have completed your tasks in the POLAC portal, click the “Logout” link at the top of the screen to log out of your account. Logging out properly ensures no one else can access your account if using a shared device.


Following these simple steps, each time you access the POLAC portal will keep your account secure and your information up to date. If you have questions, send us a comment below.