Akwa Ibom State SUBEB Exam Date and Time 2023 AKSUBEB Exam Date & Venue

Akwa Ibom State SUBEB Exam Date and Time 2023 AKSUBEB Exam Date & Venue

Akwa Ibom State SUBEB Exam Date and Time 2023 AKSUBEB Exam Date, Time & Venue.

The long-awaited exam date for the Akwa Ibom State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) recruitment has finally been announced! The computer-based test (CBT) will be held Monday, October 16th, 2023.

To ensure you are ready, here are the key details:

  • The exam will start at 09:00 am prompt, so make sure you arrive at your designated exam center by 08:00 am. The centers will be in Uyo, Ikot Ekpene, Eket, Oron, Abak, Etinan, Ikono and Itu. Check your exam slip for the specific address of your center.

  • The test will last for 2 hours. There will be 100 multiple-choice questions on English Language, Mathematics, and General Knowledge. Brush up on your math skills and read up on current events in Nigeria to prepare.

  • You must come with your exam slip, a valid ID card like a driver’s license or national ID, and pens or pencils. Leave all electronic devices like phones at home and they will not be allowed into the exam hall.

  • The minimum pass mark is 50%. Only candidates who pass the CBT will proceed to the next stage of the recruitment process. Results will be released on the SUBEB website and all successful candidates will be contacted.

  • Do not pay anyone to gain an unfair advantage. SUBEB has a strict policy against fraud and disqualifies anyone found cheating. Play by the rules and let your preparation and diligent work speak for itself.

With the right preparation and focus, you have an excellent chance of securing one of the teaching jobs on offer in Akwa Ibom State.

How To Check AKSUBEB Exam Date 2023/2024

So, do you want to apply for the  2023/2024 Akwa Ibom SUBEB exam? Great decision – this could be an opportunity to land a stable government job. Before you apply. Please take note of this information before submitting your application:

To start, make sure you meet the eligibility criteria. This includes having the proper educational qualifications, being between 18 and 35 years of age, and being physically and mentally fit. If you meet these basic requirements, you are ready to apply.

  • Visit the official SUBEB website, subeb.ak.gov.ng, and check all details about the forthcoming examination. You may have to create an account to access the form. Fill in all required personal information, including your full name, address, date of birth, and contact details.

  • Next, provide information related to your education and work experience. List any relevant degrees, diplomas or certifications you have earned. Also include details on previous jobs you have held, especially those related to the position you are applying for.

  • It is necessary for you to make sure that all information entered is accurate before submitting your application form. Incorrect or incomplete details could lead to disqualification.

  • You will typically have 2–3 weeks after the announcement to submit your application. Make sure it is in before the deadline to avoid missing the chance to sit for the exam.

  • There may be an application fee required. The amount will be stated in the exam announcement. Be prepared to pay the fee, if any, when you submit your application.

  • Keep copies of your submitted application and any correspondence with SUBEB for your records. You will need to present certain documents if selected to proceed to the exam.

The State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) exam 2023/2024 is a crucial step towards securing a position in the education sector. With proper preparation and determination, you have a reasonable shot at passing the exam and achieving your goal.

IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION: On the day of the exam, ensure that you have all the necessary identification documents and your original credentials. Failure to bring these documents or credentials may result in disqualification.

SUBEB Exam Centers in Akwa Ibom State

To take the SUBEB exam, you will need to know which exam center you have been assigned to. There are many options across Akwa Ibom state, so check your admission details for the specific location. Some things to remember:

Travel and Accommodation

  • Make sure you factor in adequate travel time to your exam center, especially if it’s located far from where you live.

  • You may want to travel to the area the day before to avoid any issues like traffic delays on the actual exam day.

  • If needed, book lodging in advance near the exam center. Several budget-friendly hotels and guest houses are located in Uyo and other major cities where exam centers are situated.

What to Bring

To be admitted to the exam hall, you must provide:

  1. Your SUBEB exam registration printout showing your exam center details.

  2. A valid government-issued ID (driver’s license, national ID, voter’s card, etc.).

  3. Pencils, erasers, sharpeners. Only pencils are allowed, no pens.

  4. A basic calculator. More advanced models are not permitted.

  5. Your watch is to keep track of time, but it must be placed on your desk in view of the invigilators.

Exam Day Tips

  • Arrive at your exam center at least an hour before the scheduled start time. This allows for security checks and finding your seat.

  • Do not bring personal items like bags, water bottles, phones or study materials into the exam hall. These are not allowed and there are no storage facilities.

  • Listen carefully to the invigilators and follow all instructions to avoid issues that could lead to disqualification.

  • Stay calm and focused. Do not distract other candidates.

  • Budget your time carefully to attempt all required questions.


Following these tips and being well-prepared will ensure you have a smooth experience on SUBEB exam day. With the right mindset, you will do very well.