Enugu SHOPRITE Recruitment 2023/2024 Application Portal

Enugu SHOPRITE Recruitment 2023/2024 Application Portal

Enugu SHOPRITE Recruitment 2023: This publication serves to inform you that the application process for Enugu SHOPRITE Recruitment 2023 has commenced. Interested candidates are encouraged to submit their resumes to recruitmentng@shoprite.com. This page will provide essential information regarding application requirements and other important elements of the recruitment process.

We encourage all interested individuals to apply for the Enugu SHOPRITE Recruitment 2023 by submitting their resumes. Please ensure that you meet the specified requirements and carefully follow the application instructions.

Applying for the 2023/2024 Enugu SHOPRITE Recruitment job openings requires following a systematic process. By following the steps provided below, you can submit your application and increase your chances of being considered for a position at the recently constructed ShopRite in Enugu.

Remember to thoroughly read the job descriptions, prepare your application materials, and actively participate in the training program if selected.

Enugu ShopRite Recruitment Vacancies (2023)


Trainee Managers Admin Managers Sales Managers Branch Managers Stock Administrators
Branch Accountants Stock Administrators Branch Accountants Office Clerics Admin officers
Drivers Cleaners ICT managers Customer care Dispatch
Facility supervisors Inventory managers Sales reps, Janitors, and Document control Plumbers storekeepers and Data managers

How to Apply for Enugu ShopRite Recruitment

Interested applicants should note that multiple submissions of online applications will only lead to disqualification. However, applicants are advised to apply for one position via the Enugu SHOPRITE official portal at https://www.shoprite.com.ng/contactus.html.

  • To apply now, visit recruitmentNG@shoprite.com.

  • Your ID number will be required

  • Follow the directions after pressing 120446#. (Network rates apply).

  • We are pleased to announce that Shoprite, one of the leading retail companies in South Africa, is currently accepting CVs for various positions at our recruitment centers in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Pretoria. If you are interested in applying for ongoing job recruitment, we encourage you to follow the instructions outlined below.

To apply for a job at Shoprite, we kindly request that you hand-deliver your updated Curriculum Vitae (CV) to one of our recruitment centers.

This method ensures that the ShopRite team can review your application in a timely manner. By personally submitting your Curriculum Vitae (CV), you demonstrate your commitment to the application process and provide an opportunity for any additional questions to be addressed.

Enugu ShopRite Recruitment Closing Date

The recently constructed ShopRite store in Enugu is preparing to embark on a recruitment process to fill various positions. While the exact date for the process to begin is yet to be determined, interested individuals should regularly check this publication for updates.

When the recruitment process commences, candidates will find detailed information about the application process, requirements, and job descriptions. Prepare in advance and submit your application within the specified deadline to maximize your chances of securing a position at ShopRite Enugu.

However, this recruitment drive presents an exciting opportunity for individuals seeking employment in Enugu. The store aims to provide quality products and excellent customer service, and they are looking for dedicated individuals who possess all the required skills.

Interested candidates should keep an eye on this publication for updates regarding the application submission deadline. Management will release the final date for submission, and it will be promptly shared here.

Looking for a Job? Apply:

ShopRite offers a range of positions to suit various skill sets and interests. Whether you have experience in retail, customer service, or are looking for an entry-level opportunity, there may be a position suitable for you. Some of the available job positions may include sales associates, cashiers, stock clerks, and customer service representatives.

When the recruitment process commences, interested individuals can expect to find detailed information about the application process, qualifications required, and any specific job descriptions.

Apply online by submitting your resume and cover letter to delnaidoo@shoprite.co.za, recruitmentNG@shoprite.com, or recruitmentNG@shoprite.co.za.