NASIMS Stream 2 Batch C Today's News and Npower Biometric Verification 2023

NASIMS Stream 2 Batch C Today’s News and Npower Biometric Verification 2023

NASIMS Stream 2 Batch C Today’s News and Npower Biometric Verification 2023 – To all Npower Batch C Stream 2 candidates shortlisted for the biometric verification exercise, we kindly invite you to visit the official website of NASIMS at This is an official invitation for you to proceed with the necessary steps to complete this important stage of the recruitment process.

The biometric verification process is an important step in the recruitment process, as it helps us authenticate your identity and ensure that all information provided during the application is accurate. By visiting the Nasims portal, you will be able to complete the biometric verification exercise, which will involve capturing your fingerprints and a photograph.

Npower Stream 2: Updates for Non-Shortlisted Applicants

Npower Stream 2 is an opportunity for applicants who previously missed out on the shortlisting process for Npower Stream 1. This stream is specifically designed to accommodate individuals who were not included on the initial list of shortlisted applicants.

In this publication, we will provide the most updated information regarding Npower Stream 2 applicants. This includes information on when the verification process will be completed.

It is important to note that the verification process plays a crucial role in ensuring that only eligible applicants are selected for Npower Stream 2. This verification process is designed to verify the authenticity and eligibility of the information provided by each applicant.

The verification process for Npower Stream 2 will be conducted systematically and rigorously. Applicants can expect to be contacted by the appropriate authorities to provide any further documentation or clarification if necessary.

The completion date for the verification process for Npower Stream 2 applicants has not yet been finalized. However, we aim to complete the process as soon as possible, without compromising the integrity of the verification process.

Once the verification process is completed, shortlisted applicants will be notified via email, SMS, or phone call. The notification will include information about the next stage of the selection process, which may include physical verification or further assessments.

It is important to note that all shortlisted applicants will be required to follow the instructions provided in the notification to complete the verification process. Failure to comply with these instructions may result in disqualification from Npower Stream 2.

Npower Stream 2 – Biometric Verification Process

We are pleased to inform you that all Npower Stream 2 applicants can now begin their respective biometric verification process. This announcement is exclusively for shortlisted applicants for the Stream 2 Npower program, as they are required to visit NASIMS (National Social Investment Management System) and conclude the remaining stages of the selection process.

The biometric verification process is an important step towards the final stages of the Npower Stream 2 recruitment process. It involves capturing and validating the fingerprints and photographs of applicants. The purpose of this process is to confirm the identity of each candidate and to ensure the integrity of the selection process.

Please note that only those whose names appear on the shortlist are eligible to proceed with the biometric verification process. The list of shortlisted candidates can be accessed through the official Npower website or by contacting the relevant authorities.

To complete the biometric verification process, all shortlisted applicants are required to visit NASIMS at a designated time and place. The exact details of the verification process, including the required documents, will be communicated to shortlisted candidates individually.

All shortlisted applicants need to adhere to the timeframe provided for the biometric verification process. Failure to complete the verification process within the specified time may jeopardize their eligibility for the Npower Stream 2 program.

Please note that the biometric verification process is just one aspect of the selection process. Other stages, such as aptitude tests and interviews, may also be conducted as part of the final assessment. If you have any further questions or require assistance, please contact the official Npower helpline or refer to the official recruitment guidelines.

How To Complete The Ongoing Biometric Verification Process

To proceed with your biometric verification, please follow the steps outlined below:

  •  Visit the NASIMS website at

  • Click on the “Biometric Verification” link

  • Enter your Npower Batch C Stream 2 login credentials

  • Please, you will be required to follow the outlined instructions to complete the biometric verification. However, it is important to note that this information may include (i) taking pictures of your face, (ii) fingerprints, or (iii) any other relevant biometric data.

  • Ensure that your biometric data is accurate

  • If you encounter any difficulties or online issues during your biometric verification process, please contact NASIMS customer service for assistance via the official portal.

Important Information

The public should note that failure to complete biometric verification within the specified timeframe may result in disqualification from the recruitment exercise. Therefore, we urge you to complete this process promptly to avoid any inconvenience.

Please note that the information provided during the registration process will be verified during the biometric verification process. Therefore, it is important to ensure that all information is true and up-to-date.

We appreciate your cooperation in completing the biometric verification exercise. Your commitment to this process demonstrates your dedication to the recruitment process and your commitment to serving our country.