JOB Application Form Portal Login 2023 Portal Login Application Form 2023; Website for the NIMC: Below is a link to the recruitment information portal for the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC).

If you are an interested and qualified candidate looking to apply for a position at the NIMC, please read the instructions on what you need to do and how to apply for NIMC Recruitment below.

About Portal Login 2023

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) is an official Nigerian organization responsible for operating the national identity management system for the nation. It was established in accordance with NIMC Act No. 23 of 2007. As the central agency for identity management in Nigeria, the NIMC plays a crucial role in ensuring the integrity and security of citizens’ identities.

The National Identity Card Database for Nigeria was also created, operated, and managed by the NIMC. Additionally, it involves integrating the government institutions’ current identity database.

A national identification number will also be assigned, general multipurpose cards will be introduced, and individuals and legal residents will be registered. These measures were implemented by the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) when it was established in 2010. As part of the initiative, a starting budget of approximately 30 billion naira was allocated in the federal budget for 2011.

The introduction of a national identification number aims to provide a unique identification system for every individual in the country. This number will serve as a means to establish and maintain accurate records of citizens and legal residents. It will help streamline various processes such as voter registration, tax filing, social welfare programs, and access to public services.

In addition to the national identification number, the NIMC also introduced general multipurpose cards. These cards will serve as an all-in-one identification document, incorporating various personal information and biometric data. Application Form

Please be aware that the agency’s recruitment portal is not yet open to interested candidates who want to work there. On the NIMC Portal, we will post instructions for the 2023 application process.


Available Job Vacancies via Portal Login

The public can find out about the open positions at NIMC by visiting their official website, So, if you’re curious about the various job openings at NIMC, you can find out more by going to their website.

How to Apply for NIMC Recruitment on Portal Login

Visit to apply, and bookmark this page, so we can notify you when the form is available.

Requirements for NIMC Recruitment On The NIMC Portal

The following are the prerequisites for NIMC hiring in 2023:

  • A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in another quantitatively relevant discipline.

  • Or a higher-level national diploma in a quantitative discipline that is relevant.

  • Additionally, knowledge of Microsoft Office, Web Applications, and the use of pertinent applications for efficient service delivery

NIMC Recruitment Update

You don’t have to pay anyone who promises to get you a job at NIMC. The information on this page is limited to what you need to know in order to apply for a job at NIMC.

NIMC, or the National Identity Management Commission, should be noted once more. Identity cards and other related matters are handled by this federal government department.

They are responsible for enrolling and issuing ID cards to Nigerian citizens. Working for NIMC is a great privilege.

Steps To Qualify For A National e-ID Card (Guidelines)

In order to be eligible for a National e-ID Card (NIN), individuals must first enrol and obtain a National Identification Number (NIN). By following the guidelines outlined below, applicants can ensure an efficient enrollment process, leading to the issuance of the National e-ID Card.

  • The NIMC must have sent you an SMS.

  • Additionally, visit the NIMC Collection Center that was listed in the SMS that was sent to you. Bring your NIN/Transaction slip with you as well. On the SMS, mention the batch ID.

  • Obtain a sealed envelope containing your National e-ID card. Take the card out of the envelope, sign it in the space provided on the back, and then open it up. Please store all the inserts safely in the envelope after reading.

  • Additionally, perform biometric verification to ensure that the card is yours. Furthermore, this demonstrates that the card was printed correctly.

  • In order to activate your National e-ID Card, you will also need to enter a FOUR (4) DIGIT NUMBER that you choose after biometric verification.

  • The NIMC Collection Center has a facility for loading funds. Additionally, you can actually load cash at any ACCESS BANK branch in the country.

How To Check/Track the Status of Your National Identity Card

Follow the steps below to track or check the status of your national identification card:

  • Visit the NIMC ID Card Status Checker right away.

  • To proceed, click the bottom-positioned green button marked “Proceed.”

  • Additionally, include your true first and last names as well as the final six digits of your national identification number in the appropriate places on the form.

  • Also, click the “Check Now” button. The status of your NIMC card will then be displayed after a brief loading period.