Kano State SUBEB Exam Result 2023/2024 Teachers Recruitment Evaluation CBT Results | www.kanostate.gov.ng

Kano State SUBEB Exam Result 2023/2024 Teachers Recruitment Evaluation CBT Results | www.kanostate.gov.ng

Kano State SUBEB Exam Result 2023 – The State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB), Kano has officially announced that the examination result for the recruitment of primary school teachers is out. All successful candidates who were shortlisted and took the assessment exam are invited to visit the state’s official portal at https://subebkano.org/ and check their respective exam/computer-based test result status.

The SUBEB conducted an assessment examination for the recruitment of primary school teachers. The examination was aimed at evaluating the qualifications and skills of applicants. Following the examination, the list of shortlisted candidates was released.

Now, the examination results have been announced. Candidates who took the assessment exam can now visit SUBEB’s official website at https://subebkano.org/ to check their examination result status. The website provides a dedicated section where candidates can enter their login credentials and access their examination results.

To access the results, candidates should navigate to the results section on SUBEB’s website. They need to provide their exam/computer-based test details, such as their registration number or examination ID, to access the results.

It is important to note that examination results will be available on SUBEB’s website for a limited period of time. Candidates are advised to check their results promptly and follow the instructions provided on the website.

The 2023/2024 Kano State SUBEB examination result is an important step in the recruitment process. It determines which candidates will proceed to the next stage of the recruitment process, which may include interviews or further assessments. Successful candidates will be contacted by SUBEB for further instructions.

The recruitment of primary school teachers is an important endeavor by SUBEB to ensure quality primary education in the state. By conducting assessment exams and selecting qualified candidates, SUBEB aims to build a strong and competent workforce that can contribute to the educational development of Kano.

Kano State SUBEB Examination and Final Recruitment Process

The Kano State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) is pleased to announce the successful completion of the 2023/2024 examination for the selection of qualified candidates for the next phase of the final recruitment process. Candidates who successfully pass the examination will be invited by the board to participate in the next phase of the recruitment process.

In order to proceed with the recruitment process, candidates who were successful in their application status are required to attend a mandatory reporting session at the designated centers. These centers will be published on the official website of the board.

During the reporting session, candidates are required to present themselves at the center with their original passport photographs, educational credentials, and any other relevant documents that were uploaded during the concluded online application process. Candidates should note that failure to provide all the required documents may result in disqualification from the final recruitment process.

It is important to note that the reporting session is an opportunity for candidates to verify their documents and ensure that all information provided is accurate and up-to-date. It also serves as a platform for the board to conduct any additional background checks or verifications as necessary.

The date and time of the reporting session will be announced on the official website of the board. Candidates are advised to regularly check the website for all updates and information regarding the recruitment process.


2023/2024 Recruitment Activities and Evaluation Exam

This document provides information about the recruitment process and evaluation exam for 2023/2024 recruitment activities in Kano State. It is important for the public to be aware of the criteria for participation and the disqualification of candidates who fail the evaluation exam.

Recruitment Process

The recruitment process for the selected positions will be conducted in accordance with the guidelines set by the Kano State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB). The SUBEB will advertise the vacancies through various channels, including online job portals, newspapers, and social media platforms.

Evaluation Exam

As part of the Kano State SUBEB recruitment process, all shortlisted candidates will be required to pass the SUBEB evaluation exam. This exam is designed to assess candidates’ suitability for the positions they are applying for. The evaluation exam will cover various aspects of the roles and competencies required for each position.


It is important to note that any shortlisted candidates who fail the Kano State SUBEB evaluation exam will be automatically disqualified and will not be considered for further recruitment activities. This criterion is strictly enforced to maintain the integrity and standards of the selection process.

How To Check The 2023 Kano State SUBEB Exam Result

The State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB), Kano, has officially released the 2023/2024 examination results. Candidates who participated in the SUBEB teacher’s exams can now check their application status. Here’s how you can check your Kano State SUBEB exam result:

  •  Visit the official site at https://subebkano.org/.

  • Click on the results link

  • Provide the necessary login credentials

  • Review your results carefully

If your result is positive, congratulations. You have successfully passed the teacher’s examination. If your result is negative, don’t worry. Consider applying for future opportunities or seeking guidance from the relevant authorities.

Please note that the above steps are a general guideline and may differ depending on the specific procedure followed by Kano State SUBEB. If you have difficulty accessing the results or require additional information, please refer to the Kano State official website.