Kano State SUBEB Examination Date 2023/2024 Venue, Latest Update and Exam Requirements

Kano State SUBEB Examination Date 2023/2024 Venue, Latest Update and Exam Requirements

Kano State SUBEB Examination Date 2023: The State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB), Kano has commenced the 2023/2024 recruitment stage for primary school teachers. This special announcement is for all candidates whose names were shortlisted during the 2023/2024 recruitment exercise.

The SUBEB will be conducting an examination for all shortlisted candidates to assess their qualifications and suitability for a primary school teaching position. The examination is an important step towards ensuring that only qualified candidates are employed.

The examination date and venue will be communicated to all shortlisted candidates via the SUBEB official website. Candidates are encouraged to regularly check these channels for updates regarding the examination date and other important information.

It is important to note that the examination is an integral part of the recruitment process, and candidates are expected to prepare adequately for it. The examination will focus on assessing candidates’ knowledge, skills, and abilities related to teaching primary school students.

Successful candidates will be notified through their respective contact details and will be required to provide further documentation and complete any necessary formalities. The SUBEB will then proceed with the posting of qualified teachers throughout the public schools in Kano State.

Kano State SUBEB Examination Date 2023

The examination date for shortlisted candidates has been announced to commence on June 15, 2023. However, the 2023/2024 SUBEB examination will be conducted at designated examination centers across the state. Candidates are required to report to the examination center one hour before the scheduled time.

Candidates are advised to thoroughly prepare for the examination by studying the provided study materials and practicing mock tests. The examination will cover various topics related to the teaching profession and will be conducted in an objective format.

It is important to note that the examination is an important part of the recruitment process and candidates are expected to demonstrate their knowledge and competence in the teaching field.

The 2023 Kano State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) examination results will be announced within a specific lapse of time after the examination. Shortlisted candidates will proceed to the next stage of the recruitment process, which may include interviews, background checks, and document verification.

Candidates are advised to regularly visit the official SUBEB website: https://subebkano.org/ for updates on examination schedules, procedures, and other relevant information.


Notification to Shortlisted Candidates

The Kano State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) is pleased to announce the 2023/2024 names of shortlisted candidates for various positions. These candidates have been carefully selected based on their educational qualifications, professional skills, and suitability for the respective positions.

In line with this, all shortlisted candidates are hereby notified to visit the SUBEB Kano State official portal at https://subebkano.org/ and take note of their respective exam local government centers, dates, and other relevant information. It is crucial for candidates to carefully read the information provided on the portal and comply with all instructions.

Additionally, candidates must present all online application printouts, passport photographs, educational certificates, and other supporting documents during the registration process. The people of Kano State and all prospective candidates should note that failure to provide the required documents may result in disqualification from the selection process.

The dates and venues for the interview sessions will be announced on the portal in due course. Candidates are advised to regularly check the Kano State official portal and this channel for updates and instructions.