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The NATFORCE Shortlisted Candidates are the top applicants selected to move on to the final round of the hiring process for NATFORCE roles. But who are these candidates, and how did they make it this far?

To become a NATFORCE Shortlisted Candidate, you first had to apply and meet the basic qualifications for one of the open positions like Software Engineer, UX Designer, or Project Manager. If your application and resume stood out, you were invited to a video interview. The candidates with the most impressive interviews were then chosen to participate in a skill assessment.

Those who scored the highest on the skills assessment and showed the most potential were designated NATFORCE Shortlisted Candidates. As a shortlisted candidate, you have proven you have the abilities and aptitude to thrive at NATFORCE. All that’s left is a final round interview with executives and potentially a role offer.

Being named a NATFORCE Shortlisted Candidate is an outstanding accomplishment, but the competition at this stage is still intense. To land one of the highly coveted job offers, you will need to prepare thoroughly for your final interview.

The Selection Process: How Candidates Were Chosen

To find the best of the best, NATFORCE puts candidates through a rigorous multi-stage selection process.

First, they reviewed applications and CVs to evaluate experience, skills, and qualifications. Candidates who met the basic requirements moved on to an online aptitude test. This assessed problem-solving abilities, logical reasoning, and situational judgment.

Those who scored well proceeded to video interviews. This allowed assessors to evaluate communication skills, enthusiasm, and potential cultural fit. The top performers were invited to assessment centers for face-to-face interviews, group exercises, and role plays.

Assessors look for key attributes like:

  • Leadership: Candidates who could motivate and direct others.

  • Teamwork: Those able to collaborate, resolve conflicts, and value different perspectives.

  • Adaptability: Individuals flexible enough to thrive in a fast-paced environment.

  • Drive Candidates with ambition, determination, and a desire for continuous self-improvement.

Over 70% of applicants were cut at this stage. Only the best of the best, demonstrating the strongest mix of skills, experience, and key attributes, were placed on the shortlist.

For the final selection, executives thoroughly reviewed the shortlisted candidates. They chose those who best fit NATFORCE’s vision and values. Candidates who could grow with the organization and shape its future.

The selection process was extremely demanding. But that’s because NATFORCE only hires the most promising, dedicated and forward-thinking individuals. The kind of people who will enable NATFORCE to achieve its mission of advancing knowledge and human achievement.

What’s Next for the Shortlisted Candidates?

Now that the shortlist for the NATFORCE program has been announced, the selected candidates are likely wondering what happens next in the process. The good news is, making it onto the shortlist means the selection committee sees your potential. The next steps will determine if you are the most suitable fit for the program.

1. Interviews

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to panel interviews, either in person or via video conference. The interviewers will evaluate how well your experience, skills, and goals align with the NATFORCE program objectives.

They will assess your communication abilities, critical thinking skills, and enthusiasm for the work. Come prepared to discuss your relevant experience, interests, and career ambitions. Explain how the program will help you achieve your goals and contribute to the organization’s mission.

2. Assessments

In addition to interviews, shortlisted candidates may be asked to complete written assignments, presentations, or skills assessments. These provide another opportunity to showcase your abilities and potential for success in the program.

The assessments could include case studies, written reports, group projects, or simulations of tasks you would perform in the role. Be ready to think on your feet and demonstrate strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

3. Reference Checks

The selection committee will likely contact your professional and academic references to get a well-rounded view of your background and qualifications.

In order to ensure a thorough and comprehensive evaluation of your application, it is essential that your references are aware that they may be contacted during the selection process. By reaching out to your references, we aim to gather valuable insights into your relevant experience, work quality, strengths, and overall fit for the program.

4. Final Decisions

Interviewers evaluate all candidates based on their applications, interviews, assessments, and reference checks. They will consider each candidate’s overall potential, relevant skills, enthusiasm, and fit for the NATFORCE program values and work. The top candidates will be invited to join the next cohort.

While disappointing, not being selected for this round does not preclude you from applying again in the future. Use the experience to strengthen your application next time.


Note that the selection process can be demanding, but stay focused on your goals and maintain enthusiasm for the opportunity. Preparation, authenticity, and a genuine passion for the work will serve you well at each stage. With persistence and work and persistence, you will join the NATFORCE program.