NECO Portal Login 2023 My NECO Result

NECO Portal Login 2023 My NECO Result

NECO Portal Login 2023 My NECO Result: how to check NECO result with your phone via login. See details below.

How to Use Your Phone to Check NECO Result 2023

Now that the NECO exam has been completed, you can use your phone to check the results online. Since you can check your own NECO Results, it is simple.

In this tutorial, I’ll walk you through the straightforward, step-by-step process of using your phone to check your NECO result. You need your NECO registration number and token in order to check the results.

I’ll demonstrate how to order the NECO token online if you don’t already have one, so you can check your results. The cost of the NECO result token is approximately 700 Naira.

Senior secondary school students in Nigeria take the SSCE exam, administered by the National Examination Council (NECO). The NECO score can be used to gain admission to any Nigerian university, polytechnic, or college of education.

Requirements to Check NECO Result

The information you need to check your NECO result online is provided below.

  • Exam year

  • Exam type

  • Token

  • Registration number

How to Check NECO Result Online

Here’s how to check your NECO result online in step-by-step order;

Finding NECO results online

  • Use the browser on your phone to access the NECO result portal. For access to the NECO result portal, go to

  • The year of your exam: To choose the year of your exams, click the drop-down menu. The year you took the NECO exam serves as the examination year.

  • Pick your test type: Choose your exam type from the drop-down menu, such as SSCE Internal (JUN/JUL), by clicking on it.

  • Put the NECO token’s digits in the box.

  • Type your NECO registration number in the box: Enter your NECO registration number accurately.

  • Select Check Result: Check your NECO result by clicking on the green button.

How to Check NECO Result Using Token

The steps to check your NECO result online using a token are listed below.

  1. Utilize your phone’s browser to access the NECO result token page.

  2. Your complete name here

  3. Enter your true phone number here.

  4. The address of your email.

  5. Fill in your password.

  6. Your password once more

  7. Select “Register”

  8. In the email that was sent to you, click “Verify.”

  9. Go to your NECO token page and log in.

  10. To purchase a token, click.

  11. Put the number of tickets, for example, 1.

  12. Select “Pay Now”

  13. Check the box that says, “I have verified the information above.”

  14. Select “Proceed to Payment”

  15. On the Remitta payment page, click Submit.

  16. Choose a payment option to receive your NECO token.

Contact if you experience any difficulties when trying to check your results.

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