Nigeria Customs Salary Structure and Rank 2023

Nigeria Customs Salary Structure and Rank 2023

For your knowledge, we examine the current Nigeria Customs Service Salary Structure 2023 in detail. NCS salary per month ranks and symbols, as well as B.Sc., Masters, PhD, and HND, ranks in custom

This article is to motivate those in the service, as well as to inform those young people considering joining the Customs Service.

It is to inform them that, aside from the job allowances, working in the Customs Service is no different from working in any other paramilitary organization in Nigeria. Get the message right away that this is a dangerous job.

Nigerian Customs Rank and Salary Structure

According to the Nigerian Customs Service’s structure and hierarchy, these are the ranks and annual basic salaries, from lowest to highest:

Customs Assistant ₦298,506 to ₦330,321 Assistant Inspector of Custom ₦357,358 to ₦411,484
Assistant Superintendent (II) ₦888,956 to ₦988991 Assistant Superintendent (I) ₦1,012,562 to ₦1,143,539
Chief Superintendent ₦1,158,172 to ₦1,325,234 Assistant Comptrollers ₦1,225,584 to ₦1,405,449
Comptrollers ₦1,759,829 to ₦1,966,281 Assistant Comptroller-General ₦2,272,288 to ₦2,464,560
Deputy Comptrollers ₦1,619,447 to ₦1,825,589 Deputy Superintendent ₦1,094,027 to ₦1,252,038
Inspector of Custom ₦483,014 to ₦567,065 Deputy Comptroller-General Consolidated
Comptroller General

The annual basic pay of Nigerian Custom Service officials, starting at the lowest level and progressing to the highest, was calculated using the Consolidated Paramilitary Salary Structure (CONPASS).

S\No. Benefits and Allowances of Custom Officers
1 Transport.
2 Meal subsidy.
3 Utility.
4 Hazards.
5 House maintenance.
6 Uniform maintenance.
7 General Services.
8 Torchlight.
9 Detective.
10 Hardiness allowance.
11 Plain-Cloth allowance.
12 Furniture allowance.
13 Personal Servant for entitled officers. Check: New Updated Nigerian Customs Salary Structure


The Consolidated Paramilitary Salary Structure is used to determine the salary structure obtained by soldiers and officers of the Nigerian Customs Service (COMPASS).

The ranking system is split into two categories. Inspectorate Cadre levels 3 through 7 are available. Officer’s Cadre starts at level 8 and goes up.

Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) is a leading organization in the field of customs and border management in Nigeria. It offers a range of employment opportunities for individuals with different educational backgrounds, including secondary school diplomas and ordinary diplomas. In this document, we will explore the career paths and opportunities available to individuals who join NCS with a qualification that is less than a university degree.

Field Officer Role

One of the primary roles available for individuals who join NCS with a qualification that is less than a university degree is the position of field officer. Field officers are responsible for patrolling borders, inspecting goods, and ensuring compliance with customs regulations. They play a crucial role in maintaining border security and facilitating international trade.

Inspectorate Cadre

Individuals who join NCS with a qualification that is less than a university degree are assigned to the Inspectorate Cadre. The Inspectorate Cadre is a dedicated unit within NCS responsible for enforcing customs laws and regulations. Inspectorate Cadre officers work closely with field officers to ensure the smooth operation of customs facilities and enforcement of customs regulations.

Career Path and Advancement

Despite not having a university degree, individuals who join NCS with a secondary school diploma or an ordinary diploma can still have a successful career path within the organization. NCS offers opportunities for professional development and provides training programs to enhance skills and knowledge. With dedication and hard work, individuals can progress through the ranks and become supervisors or senior officers.