Nigeria Police Shortlisted Candidates 2023: Download PDF List Here

Nigeria Police Shortlisted Candidates 2023: Download PDF List Here

Nigeria Police Shortlisted Candidates 2023: If you made it onto the shortlist of candidates for the Nigerian Police Force, congratulations! This is a big accomplishment, but the real work is just beginning.

To make it through the next rounds of assessments and onto the final list of accepted candidates, you will need to prepare thoroughly. Now I will show you how to check if you have been shortlisted.

How to Download PDF List of Nigeria Police Shortlisted Candidates 2023

So you applied for the Nigeria Police recruitment and the list of shortlisted candidates is out. The big question now is, did you make the cut? Here are the steps to check if you have been selected to proceed to the next stage:

First, visit the Nigerian Police recruitment portal at, where you can submit your application. This is the only official website for the recruitment exercise.

Once on the portal, look for the list of shortlisted candidates. This will likely be on the homepage, front and center. But if not, check the “News and Updates” or “Shortlisted Candidates” sections. The list should contain details like your full name, application number, screening venue, and screening date.

Double-check that the list details correspond to your application information. Make sure your name, application number, state of origin, and other particulars are correctly spelt and match what you submitted.

If there are any errors, contact the Police recruitment team immediately through the contact details on the portal.

Note your screening details like the venue, date, and time. The screening exercise may take place in your state of origin or in a neighbouring state. During the screening, you will need to present your original credentials, such as a birth certificate, academic certificate, and a valid ID card. So get all your documents ready.

If after following these steps you can’t find your details on the list of shortlisted candidates, unfortunately, you may not have been selected for the next stage. But don’t lose hope. The Police conduct recruitment exercises regularly. You can reapply for the next recruitment and improve your chances by gaining relevant experience.

Preparing Yourself With the Screening Process and Venue

To prepare for the screening process, there are several things to remember. Screening typically involves medical tests, physical assessments, and interviews. Being ready for what’s to come will put you at ease and allow you to focus on doing your most effective.

Know the Location and Logistics

Double-check the venue for the screening exercises to ensure you know exactly where you need to be and how to get there. Plan your route and mode of transportation ahead of time, and give yourself plenty of extra time in case of traffic or delays.

You don’t want to start your screening day late. Candidates who arrive late or are not present at the screening centers will be disqualified.

Bring Proper Identification

Make sure you have valid ID forms, like your driver’s license, national ID card, voter’s registration card or international passport with you. Without proper identification, you will not be allowed to participate in the screening.

Dress Appropriately

Wear comfortable athletic clothes, training shoes, and minimal jewellery for physical assessments. For interviews, dress in professional business attire. It is always better to be overdressed than underdressed, so if unsure, wear formal clothing. Your appearance and presentation say a lot about your motivation and enthusiasm.

Get Plenty of Rest

Try to get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep the night before to feel well-rested. Lack of sleep can negatively impact your performance, concentration and mood. You want to be at your most effective during such a significant process.

Bring Essentials

Don’t forget to pack essential items like water, snacks, hand sanitiser, tissues, a pen, and a small towel. You may be at the screening venue for several hours, so having supplies to keep you comfortable, hydrated and your hands clean will improve the experience.

Preparing yourself both physically and mentally for the Nigerian Police screening process will help you feel more at ease and confident in your abilities.


So there you have it, the survival guide for the Nigerian Police recruitment process. Stay focused, believe in yourself, prepare well, and keep your eyes on the prize. You have come this far. Now is not the time to slack off or get distracted.