Npower Salary Structure 2023 – How Much is Npower Batch C Salary

Npower Salary Structure 2023 for Batch A, B and C – The salary for batch c of Npower will be explained as much as feasible here. See how much the Federal Government pays all Npower beneficiaries in the areas of teach, build, agro, and other.

On this page, we provide you with information about Npower salaries. If you’ve been wondering things like “how much does Npower pay?” The following is a breakdown of how much the batch c beneficiaries will get in monthly stipends.

The government pays the Npower monthly stipend to all the beneficiaries of the ongoing Npower program across the country. Let’s look at how much their monthly compensation is.


Npower Salary Structure Monthly

Npower Programme Category Monthly Salary Structure
Npower Teach N28,000-N30,000
Npower Health N30,000-N40,000
Npower Tech (Software) N20,000-N40,000
Npower Agro N25,000-N30,000
Npower Build N27,000-N30,000
Npower Community Education Programme N10,000-N30,000
Npower Tech (Hardware) N20,000-N40,000
Npower Creative N10,000-N30,000

That’s all there is to know about Npower’s salary structure and monthly stipend payments to program participants. If you have any questions or concerns about this subject, please contact us as soon as possible.

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