NAFCON Admission Portal Login 2023/2024 ND Programme, NAFCON Current Acceptance Fee and NAFCON School Fees

NAFCON Admission Portal Login 2023/2024 ND Programme, NAFCON Current Acceptance Fee and NAFCON School Fees

NAFCON Admission Portal Login 2023: The NAFCON admission portal login for the 2023/2024 academic session is now open to the public. This means that individuals who are interested in applying for the Nigerian Air Force College of Nursing (NAFCON) National Diploma (ND) Programme can now access the portal and begin the application process.

To gain access to the NAFCON admission portal, applicants will need to visit the official website of the institution. On the NAFCON official website, they will find a link or button that leads to the admission portal.

Once logged in, applicants will be required to provide their personal and academic information, upload the necessary documents, pay the required application fee, and submit their application. It is important for applicants to ensure that all the information they provide is accurate and up to date.

Individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in the Nigerian Air Force College of Nursing (NAFCON) can easily access important information about the admission process by visiting the NAFCON admission login portal.

The login portal provides necessary information about present school fees. This includes details about tuition fees, accommodation fees, and other miscellaneous charges that students will be required to pay.

To stay updated with the latest news on NAFCON admission updates, applicants can visit the designated page on the website. This page is regularly updated with relevant information such as admission lists, interview schedules, and other important announcements.

NAFCON 2023 Admission Portal Login

By visiting the NAFCON portal login, students can access the necessary information regarding the admission process. This includes requirements, application forms, submission deadlines, and any additional instructions.

The NAFCON admission portal login serves as a convenient platform for students to gather all the relevant information they need before proceeding with their application.

Alternatively, students can also choose to go through the UTME conducted by JAMB. This national examination is a standardized test that evaluates students’ knowledge and skills in various subjects. By taking the UTME, students can determine if they meet the necessary criteria for admission to NAFCON’s National Diploma in Nursing Training program.

Aspiring students are strongly urged to prioritize reviewing the 2023/2024 admission eligibility and guidelines provided by NAFCON as soon as they access the admission login portal.

This will ensure that they are well-prepared and meet all the necessary criteria for admission. Whether they choose to visit the NAFCON portal login at or take the UTME, students should take the necessary steps to determine their eligibility for the program.

How Much Is the NAFCON Current Acceptance Fee?

The Nigerian Air Force College Of Nursing (NAFCON) newly admitted students should note that they will pay an acceptance fee of twenty thousand naira (₦20,000) for any of the current year session if admitted into the institution. It is important to note that this fee is non-refundable once payment has been made.

NAFCON School Fees for 2023

The public is hereby informed that the Nigerian Air Force College of Nursing Kaduna has fixed the tuition fees for newly admitted undergraduate students. The tuition fees for this program have been set at five hundred naira (₦500,000) to seven hundred thousand naira (₦700,000).

Please note that the tuition fees are for the entire duration of the program, including (i) tuition, (ii) accommodation, (iii) meals, and (iv) other necessary facilities.

Apart from the school fees, there are additional charges that are initiated by the school management. These charges are applicable to every fresh student who will be admitted to any of the programmes offered by the institution.

It is important for prospective students to be aware of these additional charges in order to properly plan and budget for their education.

Some of the common additional charges that fresh students are required to pay include registration fees, admission fees, and examination fees. These charges are essential for the smooth functioning of the institution and to provide students with the necessary resources and facilities.

The registration fee is charged at the time of admission, and it covers administrative costs such as processing the student’s application and maintaining records.

It is important for students to carefully review and understand the breakdown of fees to adequately plan for their education at an institution.

The National Diploma in Nursing Training program offers students the opportunity to develop the necessary skills and knowledge required for a successful career in nursing.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Note that the NAFCON admission portal login for the 2023/2024 academic session is now open to the public. Interested individuals can access the portal on the official website of the Nigerian Air Force College of Nursing.