Nigerian Navy Training Date 2023/2024 Venue, Duration and Camp

Nigerian Navy Training Date 2023/2024 Venue, Duration and Camp

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The Nigerian Navy’s training schedule for 2023 has been finalized. The official date and training camp for the 2023 Nigerian Navy recruiting screening exercise has been released by the Nigerian Navy management.

The management expects all shortlisted candidates to attend the training camp on time and in full, as failing to do so will result in disqualification.

We have provided crucial information on the Nigerian Navy’s physical training on this page. We’ll walk you through all you need to know about the upcoming physical training workout.

These include the Nigerian Navy training date, the training location, and the Nigerian Navy physical training program.

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Nigerian Navy Training Date 2023

The Nigerian Navy has announced that the scheduled Nigerian Navy physical training, which is required as part of the recruitment process for all pre-qualified candidates, will take place this year, with the training lasting two (2) weeks.

All applicants whose names appear on the Nigerian Navy’s list of shortlisted candidates should report to their respective training camps on the dates and times mentioned next to their names.

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So far, no date has been set for the Nigerian Navy recruitment training exercise in 2023. Once the date is set and publicized, this page will be updated.

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Nigerian Navy Training Centers & Camp

The Nigerian Navy will hold a training camp for all pre-selected candidates at various places around the country. The physical training will be placed in a few states.

All shortlisted candidates must present at their respective training facilities before the deadline.

You have declined the employment offer if you do not show up on time. Arrive at the training camp a day before the scheduled training.

NOTE: You will be notified of the Nigerian Navy training date, location, and time via your registered phone number or email address. Please check your SMS or email address for this essential information on a frequent basis.

Nigerian Navy Training Requirements

Candidates are recommended to bring the following documents to the training camp:

  • Their credentials (original and photocopy)

  • Photographs from two recent passports

  • Birth Certificate/Declaration of Age

  • Certificate of Origin,

  • Duly filled Guarantor’s Form

The training takes around 9 months to complete, and those who are accepted will be trained to contribute to the Nigerian Navy’s activities.