NIMASA Salary Structure: How Much Does Nimasa Pay Its Staff

How Much Does Nimasa Pay Its Employees and the NIMASA Salary Structure can be seen here.

NIMASA is a federal organization that oversees all marine operations along Nigeria’s coast and waterways.

They monitor and oversee all domestic and international maritime operations.

This page looks about NIMASA’s pay system, including how much they pay their employees and how much they pay their employees. Let’s start with an overview of what the institution performs and what its mission is.

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Salary Structure at NIMASA
If you want to work for a recognized organization and earn a solid pay, NIMASA is an ideal alternative. CONRAISS salaries are paid to employees at Consolidated Research and Allied Institutes.

This means that in the public sector, remuneration is solely determined by years of experience and grade level.

NIMASA Salary Structure

The table below shows NIMASA’s wage structure, which includes salaries and allowances for various levels of staff.

Causal Employees

Casual workers, such as cleaners, gardeners, and security guards, are paid between N50,000 and N75,000 a month by the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency.

NIMASA Salary Structure Entry Level

For entry-level occupations, the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency pays between N100,000 and N150,000 per month. Employees at this level could expect to earn between N1.2 million and N1.8 million per year.

How Much Does Nimasa Pay Its Staff – Grade Level 7

Employees in grade level 7 are paid a monthly pay of N90,000.

This translates to a yearly salary of one million Naira for personnel at this level.

NIMASA Salary Structure for Grade Level 8

NIMASA pays N103,988 per month to employees in the eighth grade. This basically indicates that this level of workers will be paid N1.247.854 million each year.

The Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency compensates its existing employees using the salary structure described above. Taxes and other substantial deductions are not included in this compensation structure.

The salary structure given here is the usual pay scale, regardless of whether or not this agency’s employees earn bonuses or other incentives.

Remember that the agency retains the right to change its salary structure at any moment and for any reason.