Federal Fire Service Ranks In Nigeria 2023

The Federal Fire Service Ranks for the forthcoming Application have been revealed and will be discussed here. As a result, applicants have been seeking to learn more about the company and its recruitment, including the ranks, as well as the exact federal fire service ranks and symbols in Nigeria.

As a result, the Federal Fire Service is a paramilitary force that reports to the Minister of the Federal Ministry of Interior and is led by the Controller-General.

In other words, you might be interested to hear that the Nigeria Federal Fire Service pay rates are determined by officer levels. Starting with the highest-ranking employees and working down to the lowest-ranking employees.

The payslip for the Federal Fire Service differs from that of the Nigerian army, Customs, Air force, Navy, and Nigerian Fire Service.

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Also, it is important  that applicants knows the Federal Fire Service Ranks before applying for a job under the Federal Fire Service. Therefore, we shall be listing the ranks from highest to lowest  below.

Table of Contents

Federal Fire Service Ranks 2023

  • Chief Inspector (CI)
  • Deputy Chief Inspector (DCI)
  • Assistant Chief Inspector (ACI)
  • Principal Marshal Inspector (PMI)
  • Senior Marshal Inspector (SMI)
  • Marshal Inspector I (MI-I)
  • Marshal Inspector II (MI-II).
  • Marshal Inspector III (MI-III)
  • Chief Fire Marshal Assistant (CFMA)
  • Deputy Fire Marshal Assistant (DFMA)
  • Senior Fire Marshal Assistant (SFMA)
  • Fire Marshal Assistant I (FMA I)
  • Fire Marshal Assistant II (FMA II)
  • Fire Marshal Assistant III (FMA III)

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