NAFDAC Salary Structure 2023 For All Staff

NAFDAC Salary Structure 2023 For All Staff

NAFDAC Salary Scale Structure and Allowance: For all those who apply for a position under NAFDAC, it is important that you know the salary structure of any position you are applying for. Therefore, all information regarding NAFDAC’s salary structure and ranks will be detailed below.

This organization is a Nigerian federal agency that is responsible for regulating and controlling the manufacture, export, importation, advertisement, distribution, and use of pharmaceuticals in Nigeria. It is part of the Federal Ministry of Health.

Nigeria is our fatherland, and there is always a green pasture prepared for us to inherit from our fatherland. If you can say NAFDAC organization is the spot where you want to make your daily means from, it is never terrible. There have been some discussions over the NAFDAC Salary Structure, including salaries for New Entry (NYSC) Corpers, etc.

National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) Salaries

Companies rarely divulge the compensation scale structure or remuneration of their new graduate employees, resulting in an estimate of what the company pays its new employees.

New entry-level employees earn less than more experienced workers, but their earnings are projected to rise as they advance in their careers and gain years of expertise.

The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) pays an average salary of 137,480 Naira. 19 personnel from the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control compiled this information (NAFDAC).


Administrative Assistant, Information Technology Manager, Laboratory Analyst, Medical Laboratory Scientist, Pharmacist, and Regulatory Officer are some positions available. Based on salary submissions, the gender breakdown at the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) is man (57%) and female (36%). (7 percent).

NAFDAC Salary Structure

Administrative Assistant  ₦100,000 
Information Technology Manager  ₦210,000 
Laboratory Analyst  ₦116,000 
Medical Laboratory Scientist  ₦84,000 
Pharmacist  ₦193,000 – ₦263,000 
Regulatory Officer  ₦105,000 – ₦158,000  
Senior Accountant  ₦156,000  
Biochemist  ₦21,000  
Senior Procurement Officer  ₦110,000  
Laboratory Technologist  ₦122,000  
Quality Assurance Manager  ₦225,000  
Registration And Regularization Officer  ₦158,000  
Account Officer / Internal Auditor  ₦105,000  
Quality Assurance Supervisor  ₦21,000  
Intern Pharmacist  ₦122,000  
Senior Regulatory Officer  ₦129,000 – ₦132,000  
Project Team Lead  ₦263,000 

NAFDAC employees are entitled to various allowances in addition to their base wages. These allowances are contingent on several factors, including the year of service, location, and the post held, among others.

One of the factors that determine the allowances received by NAFDAC employees is the year of service. As employees gain more experience and years of service, they become eligible for certain additional benefits. These benefits may include higher housing allowances, transportation allowances, and medical allowances. The purpose of these allowances is to ensure that employees are well taken care of and motivated to continue their service.

The location of an employee also plays a role in determining the allowances they receive. NAFDAC has offices and branches in various locations across the country. Employees in locations with a higher cost of living may receive higher allowances to compensate for the increased expenses.

Furthermore, the post held by an employee within NAFDAC also influences the allowances they are entitled to. Higher-ranking positions often come with additional responsibilities and demands. To compensate for these additional duties, employees in such positions may receive higher allowances compared to those in lower-ranking positions.