NEMA Salary Structure and Allowances 2023

NEMA Salary Structure and Allowances 2023: See Salary Structure for level 8,9 and 10, NYSC Corp Member, as well as Fresh graduates.

NEMA Salary Scale Structure and Allowance: All those who applied for a position under NEMA, it is important that  you  know the Salary Structure of any position you are applying for. Therefore, all information regarding the NEMA Salary Structure and ranks will be detailed below.

The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) is a federal government body that collects, monitors, and collates tax records on behalf of the federal government.

The NEMA were founded in 1943 by the Anglophone West African Department of Inland Revenue. With the sole purpose of operating as a nation’s tax system. In 2007, Nigeria’s NEMA was granted autonomy.

Nigeria is our fatherland, and there is always a greener pasture prepared for us to inherit in our fatherland, if you can say NEMA organization is the spot where you want to make your daily means from is never terrible.

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There have been some discussions over the NEMA Salary Structure, including: salaries for New Entry, (NYSC) Corpers, etc.

How Much Does the NEMA pays Youth Corpers?

The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) pays NYSC Youth Corpers working in the FIRS office between N34,000 and N46,000 per month. This indicates that this is one of the government entities that compensates Youth Corpers well.

NEMA Salary Structure for Permanent Staff

The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) pays an average salary of 114,450 Naira. Three personnel from the National Emergency Management Agency compiled this information (NEMA).

Database Administrator and Disaster Management are two of the roles. Based on pay submissions, the gender distribution at the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) is male (100%), female (0%), and undefined (0 percent).

The amount paid monthly to permanent workers at the NEMA is determined by a number of criteria. The staff’s position, grade or level, and years of service are all examples of such characteristics.

According to several statistics, grade 8 staff receives roughly N114,450 per month, while grade 7 staff makes around N89,434 per month. Keep in mind that this does not include taxes, pensions, or other costs.

Aside from their salaries, NEMA employees are eligible for a variety of allowances and benefits based on their years of service.

That stated, the NEMA organization has a variety of positions with varying pay structures. The NEMA Salary Structure varies depending on your job title. The National Emergency Management Agency Salary Structure for each employee is shown in the table below.

In addition, the table below shows the expected wage structure of NEMA employees based on their grade levels.

NO. Level Monthly Salary Annual Salary
1 Grade Level 8 N114,450 N1,373, 400
2 Grade Level 7 N89,434 N1,073,217

The fact is that NEMA employees are entitled to certain allowances in addition to their base wages. However, these benefits are contingent on a number of factors, including the year of service, location, and the post held, among others.

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