NDLEA Ranks and Salary Structure 2023: How Much Is NDLEA Training Allowance

NDLEA Ranks and Salary Structure 2023: How Much Is NDLEA Training Allowance

NDLEA Ranks and Salary Structure: NDLEA Narcotics officer salary as well as Ranks and Qualification

If you’re considering a career in law enforcement, the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) is one of the options available to you. While the salary structure within NDLEA ranks can vary slightly from other agencies, there are certain core elements that remain the same.

The NDLEA ranking hierarchy starts with Recruit Officers and works its way up to Directors. Between those two points, there are different tiers of ranks that include Assistant Superintendents, Commandants, Chief Superintendents and Deputy Commanders.

The position and rank of each will depend on whether the officer works in an administrative or operational role.

Each rank comes with its own salary structure which includes allowances like motor vehicle fuel allowance and rent allowance depending on the rank and location of the individual. Knowing what to expect from each position can help ensure you make an informed decision about career opportunities in NDLEA.

Salary Structure of NDLEA Recruit Officers

NDLEA recruit officers have a structured salary depending on the rank they hold. The ranks and corresponding salaries are as follows:

Recruit Officers

  • Cadet Assistant Corps Commander (CACC): NGN 55,000 monthly

  • Cadet Assistant Superintendent (CASP): NGN 50,000 monthly

  • Cadet Inspector (CI): NGN 45,000 monthly

  • Cadet Assistant Inspector (CAI): NGN 40,000 monthly

These salaries are inclusive of allowances and salary increases may occur depending on their role and responsibilities. As officers progress in their careers within the NDLEA, they are able to move up the ranks and earn higher wages. In addition to their salaries, NDLEA Recruit Officers also receive other benefits such as insurance, pension contributions, medical coverage and leave allowances.

Salary Earnings of NDLEA Senior Officers: Inspectors, Chief Inspectors and Commanders

When it comes to salaries, you’ll be happy to know that senior officers at the NDLEA also earn an adequate living.


An inspector at the NDLEA earns between ₦145,000 to ₦156,000 each month.

Chief Inspectors

Chief Inspectors are a step up from regular inspectors and earn from ₦204,000 and ₦210,000 each month.


Moving up the ranks of the NDLEA is Commander-level officers, who earn anywhere from ₦293,000 to ₦378,000 each month. These officers come with extensive experience and training in the field of drug control and law enforcement strategies.


At the highest tiers of the NDLEA are senior strategic experts that bring their years of experience in tackling drug-related issues to Nigerian states and districts. These dedicated professionals bring expertise and understanding of the drug industry’s increasingly complex challenges. Salaries for these professionals range from ₦400,000 – ₦550,000 per month.


All listed above are the ranks and salary structures of the NDLEA. If you want more details about it, you can visit their official website.

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