NEPZA Salary Structure 2023 Monthly Allowance for Staff

NEPZA Salary Structure 2023 Monthly Allowance for Staff

NEPZA Salary Structure | Learn how much the Nigeria Export Processing Zones Authority pays its employees. Every month, all NEPZA wages and allowances are shown here.

The Nigerian Export Processing Zones Authority is a federal government agency that reports to the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Investment. It was founded in 1992 when the Nigeria Export Processing Zones Act 63 was passed.

NEPZA Salary Structure 2023

The NEPZA Salary Structure, like those of other federal parastatals, ranges from N60,000 to N140,000 for entry-level graduates.

The Agency is in charge of encouraging and facilitating local and foreign investment in Nigeria’s licensed free zones.


The Free Zone concept was established to boost export-oriented commercial activity by reinforcing important national economic policies, reducing administrative approval processes, and providing a one-stop-shop service for firms both inside and outside Nigeria.

The Authority’s activities have been strengthened in response to the Federal Government’s vibrant revolutionary economic programs, resulting in the construction of 34 free zones across the country.

The country’s various zones cater to different types of economic activities, with some zones specializing in a single type of industry, while others have a broader scope. Currently, there are more than 300 licensed Free Zone businesses operating in these zones.

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