NNRA salary structure 2023 Staff Allowance

NNRA salary structure 2023 Staff Allowance

NNRA Salary Structure | Learn how much the Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Authority pays its employees. Every month, all NNRA wages and allowances are shown here.

The NNRA (Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Authority) is a federal government body responsible for regulating and supervising the peaceful use of nuclear energy and radiation sources in Nigeria.

In this article, we will explore the salary structure of NNRA employees, including their wages and allowances.

The Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Authority follows a structured salary system consisting of various levels. Each grade represents a specific level of responsibility. The salary grades range from Grade Level 07 to Grade Level 17.

The public should note that the wages of NNRA employees are determined based on their respective salary grades. The salary structure is initiated to provide fair compensation that reflects the professionalism, level of skills, qualifications, and experience required for each position. As employees progress through the salary grades, their wages increase respectively.

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NNRA Salary Structure 2023

As part of its workforce, the NNRA employs Senior Regulatory Officers who play a crucial role in overseeing regulatory compliance and enforcement.

The average net salary for a Senior Regulatory Officer at the NNRA is three hundred five thousand (₦305,000) naira. This salary is based on one employee and reflects the compensation package provided by the authority.

NNRA Allowances for 2023

The Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Authority wages, NNRA employees are entitled to various allowances. These allowances are provided to compensate employees for specific expenses or difficulties they may encounter while performing their duties.


  • Housing Allowance: The housing allowance is provided to assist staff members in securing suitable accommodation.

  • Transport Allowance: This helps to cover transportation costs. Employees at NNRA may receive a monthly transport allowance.

  • Hazard Allowance: Depending on the nature of roles assigned to employees, there may be a hazard allowance to compensate for the risks associated with working with nuclear materials and radiation.

  • Medical Allowance: Staff members at NNRA are entitled to a medical allowance to cover medical expenses.

However, apart from housing allowance, transport allowance, hazard allowance, and medical allowance, there are other allowances that are also entitled to staff members such as leave allowances, meal subsidies, and education allowances for employees’ children.

To apply for the NNRA ongoing recruitment for the year 2023/2024, we recommend you to visit the official website at www.nnra.gov.ng.


The Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Authority salary structure is approved by the government to ensure that employees are fairly compensated for their services and expertise. The salary grades provide a clear progression path for employees, enabling them to advance in their careers while receiving competitive wages and allowances at NNRA.


The information provided on this page is based on available public sources and may be subject to change in the near future. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, please refer to official NNRA publications or contact the Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NNRA) directly.